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Hello, life has been hard these couple of months, I just looked at an old draft that i never completed writing in October 2017 and realised that the unhappiness that i have been experiencing has been the same since then. I wanted to write about working out, not because i want to brag about how good i am, but i want to talk about how it has been a source of strength not just physically but also mentally. Below are screenshots of the days i’ve completed a workout, the beginning ones are grey but they still mean i did a workout on that day.

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A little background to what i mean by “life has been hard”, in 2017 it was more about whether or not i should quit, i knew teaching wasn’t for me, but i didn’t know what i wanted to do next, so i guess i stayed. Job security, yada yada. In 2018, i started off the year crazy. I had overloaded and taken up sociology. So i was literally preparing for three different subjects. Also, i was given a difficult class and i was also teaching tuition after work. Lets just say, it’s amazing how i had time to remember it was my birthday. I look back now and wonder why i did that to myself. End of background information.

Seeing that i was unhappy starting in october, it’s interesting how despite all that i still stuck to working out. I’m really good at putting things off, but somehow this stuck on for 6 months. This made me think a little, and i realised that i liked working out, it gave me a sense of accomplishment when work was just rubbish. Also, that was when i saw that i was really packing on the pounds and i was determined to loose it. It got serious when i decided to invest in a yoga mat. That thing was expensive (because i bought it at an expensive store, not off Lazada) so that was also a motivation to “use” it. Then i bought a workout program because i learnt that there is a method to this thing and i really needed some guidance. Things were getting serious but i was learning a lot about exercise and keeping healthy. It also helps that i do these workouts at home, no gym. It helps because bringing yourself to the gym and back home really gives me the opportunity to make excuses. Once it’s at home, i don’t have any, and i will complete the workout and then shower and do my own thing. It’s real convenient. Fitness Blender’s calender and workout complete button is also a good motivator as it rewards you for doing something, it’s the “instant” (after you complete the workout) gratification you get and you know you deserve it. Kudos to them, they’re the ones that i’ve been using to get workout plans and keep track of things.

Life went on, it stayed mostly the same but in terms of my body, i was seeing changes. I could see the weight come off, i also felt more energised during the day. I guess what i’m trying to say is that, i’m still unhappy because i’m in a job that i should have quit, but i also am able to find some confidence through exercise. Because at the end of the day, having completed a workout means i’ve accomplished something, it means that there is something that i can do right, and that is my little form of happiness. Plus it helps me keep fit and loose weight, so that’s always good. I’m trying hard to see the good in life these days.

Also, i’m not saying that everyone should take up exercise (but it’s really good though) find something that makes you happy that’s not a person or something that could bring harm to your health and wellbeing.

General info: fitness blender is free, i do a mix of cardio, strength and HIIT workouts.