I’m not even going to come up with excuses. I have not blogged for a long time. I look back and i cringe at the things i wrote, but hey, i’m not gonna delete them because one day it’ll prove useful (i hope). So why am i back? I recently joined a cell/small group where i met a girl who does missions work. After we had prayed together, she said that she felt God had told her that there was a gift that brought me joy in the past and that i had forgotten. And that God wanted me to start using it again, for Him. I was skeptical at first and said the first thing that came to my mind which was teaching/education. But it didn’t feel right. It was a few weeks later that I felt heavy in my heart and pulled out my journal (in which i write by hand, the best way in my opinion) that i finally realised that it was writing. Writing had always brought me joy, it help/s me figure things out, i am better at expressing myself in writing, etc. So you can roughly guess why i’m brushing off the dust off this blog and starting it up again. I’m not saying that THIS is the blog that was specified, but for now, it’s a place to start.

My writing is extremely rusty. I’m not saying that my older posts were the best of my writing ability, i’m referring to the research papers i wrote for university. Those were the days i could churn out a 7 page paper in 3 hours. I’m not trying to brag here, i’m saying that there was a reason i could do that, it was because i practiced writing on a regular basis. Refining it to the point that i knew what to look out for, what my weaknesses were, how to plan out a good essay that was coherent and structured. I miss that. I’m personally mad at myself for allowing it to go this far. It’s like exercise, if you don’t keep it up, you loose stamina and the strength. All that effort going to waste is what pains me the most. That’s what i hope to get back to and from there to write about things that interest me in the best way possible.

So what does this entail. Probably lots of cringe worthy posts. Lots of posts that go everywhere and you never find the point. Lots of ramblings about my life (i’ll edit it to be less rambly i promise). Hits and misses. Cheers to starting out again.