Yesterday was the start of the 40 Day fast and prayer and to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t as prepared as I was in the past. Usually we would be given a few days notice and there would be conversations about why we fast and so on, but back here it’s dive into it and that was a something i had to adjust to. Friends had already chosen what they wanted to fast and so on but me, i didn’t even think the actual fasting was important. Nevertheless, I dived into it and one of the things that was recommended was to read 10 chapters of the bible a day. Since i didn’t have a plan i decided to just go for it. There wasn’t much to expect, my mind wasn’t in the right state and mentally i had not been prepared, but as i read the verses and took time to think about them, i realised that my spiritual man was hungry.

I read the media and news everyday, i’m updated with the latest happenings in the world and i pride myself on that, but today it hit me, i’ve been doing all that and forgetting the importance of reading the word. That is the only way to get to know God better other than prayer, and it’s hard work. Funny how it’s hard work because it shouldn’t be. And that is what this act of fasting is for, it’s not to lose weight or to purposely starve ourselves. It’s to carve out time to spend time with God, to be spiritually fed and to learn to depend on Him for strength and nourishment.

From past experiences, fasting has always presented me with different experiences and i’m now excited to see what is in store this time. Oh don’t get me wrong, i believe i will be mad and hangry, but i’m looking forward to diving into the word and learning more about the wonderful God i serve.