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Made a day trip to Kuala Terengganu this Raya and one of the recommended places to see was the local chinatown. So we made our way there and stumbled across this place. Mek Awang serves traditional and fusion peranakan food. The menu is fun and interesting and the staff that served us was well informed about the dishes and recommended some good stuff.

Good for: brunch, lunch and tea.

We tried:

  1. Nasi Hailam Ayam Goreng Berempah (Hailam rice with fried rempah chicken)
  2. Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Berempah (Nasi Lemak with fried rempah chicken)
  3. Kay Hong with White Rice (Peranakan style braised chicken with Melaka sugar)

One thing that i liked about the menu was that they had the ‘core dish’ like Nasi Hailam (Hailam rice) for example, and then you could pair it with ayam kari (curry chicken) so you’re not just stuck with one choice. When it says premium on the side, it just means that the portion is bigger which is a good choice if you’re really hungry. I would say that even the normal serving is filling for the average person as you can see from the picture below. This was what i ate and they were generous with the chicken and rice.

Kay Hong with white rice

Kay Hong with white rice


A visual of some of their recommended menu items


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I would say that the prices are reasonable and it’s cheaper than what you would get in Kuala Lumpur. It would definitely be a $$ on Yelp just to give you an idea of the price range if you’re on a budget.


The server who took our order was really chatty and friendly and made good recommendations, the other staff could be better and more attentive as it was a little difficult to get their attention.

Additional comments:

This is the first place i’ve seen that serves uniquely Malaysian waffles. We’ve heard of chicken and waffles in America, well here there’s curry chicken and waffles, cendol waffles, egg and sambal waffle. I’m really impressed by this and you can see the fusion of east and west in their menu. You can see the same thing for the spaghetti dishes that was in the picture above.

13589105_10154742879444769_1423734645_o 13639943_10154742879419769_112080679_o

If i didn’t take a picture of the menu, many of my friends would not believe it and that’s what i love about this place, the creativity with local delights. So if you’re craving peranakan food but you’re bored of the usual stuff then pop by this place. Or if you’re feeling too drained by the sun and want some refreshing, cool and tasty desserts then also come by!

I give this place 4 stars!