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Pandora recently reminded me of the Disney movie “Meet the Robinsons” as it played the credit song “Little Wonders”. Many people don’t know this Disney movie and i think it lacked the marketing that most Disney Princess movies gets. And that got me thinking, this movie is really good, there’s some genuinely funny jokes and a good story about finding family. I don’t want to ruin the movie for you if you haven’t watched it, but if you’re looking for something that will make you laugh, has some time travel in it, and reminds you about what family can mean then watch this movie. It also got me thinking about the other movies that don’t get as much attention, I have to admit that these movies have males as the main figure which tend to take the backstage compared to the princesses. I guess you could say that this is a funny gender anomaly when it comes to Disney? Anyway, here are two other movies which i really love but never got the recognition it deserves.

Treasure Planet

Based on the novel Treasure Island, but as the planet part of the title might tell, it’s in outer space, where humans live amongst aliens and instead of space ships we have space boats built in the early 1700 Georgian style complete with Georgian styled clothing too. I have not read treasure Island, but this movie has the underlying theme of a boy growing up to be a man and what it means to take responsibility for your own life. There’s also some really painful stuff if you look closely, one of it is rejection by a family member. If you watch the music video for the song “i’m still here” by the goo goo dolls below you can see that a life changing point in Jim’s life was when his father walked out on his mother and him when he was still a young boy, maybe 10. I mean, come on, that is some real shit, sorry but there’s no other way to put it. It reflects real life and for some kids, that’s the reality they live in. Broken relationships between a couple affect the children the most no matter how old they are. I don’t want to get into my whole take on what I think about relationships in general because that’s a while different conversation. But this movie shows that despite that experience, Jim was able to learn how to stop using his father as an excuse and be his own man. Revisiting this movie got me thinking about his mother too, and how much she sacrificed for her son, how many years she must have suffered just holding out for a man who did not appreciate her. She’s not a key character in the movie, maybe gets five minutes, but i’m glad that she stayed for her kid, she tried her best to raise him up right and in the end Jim saw that and thanked his mother in the best way he knew how, by making her proud.

I remember as a kid i really loved this movie because there was the whole adventure thing too and the space surfing, come on, that is cool and I want to sky dive because of this movie. The one thing that resonated with me was the song i mentioned above and its lyrics. I think i was 11 when i watched it, but I love the chorus and the bridge because it struck home, i guess when you’re that age you generally go through these feelings and thoughts, heck, i’m feeling it now and it’s been more than 10 years.


And I want a moment to be real
Wanna touch things I don’t feel
Wanna hold on and feel I belong
And how can the world want me to change
They’re the ones that stay the same


They can’t tell me who to be
‘Cause I’m not what they see


Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Next up is this movie, i’m referring to the first movie because the sequel was terrible. The story follows Milo, a linguist and avid believer in Atlantis. He is seen as crazy by the rest of the museum because of his search for the lost continent and is often made fun of and taken advantage of. First of, hey, this guy is a linguist, i did not know what that was till i took linguistic classes in college and guess what, i analyzed this movie for one of my linguistics assignments! It might just be me, but how many cartoon characters have jobs titles like Linguist or Museum Curator. As someone who has experience in both sides, I have a new found appreciation for this movie, i just wish someone would have pointed it out to me. Moving on, this movie has no singing in it, there’s the soundtrack for sure, but no one bursts out in song, just another great feature of Disney movies with male protagonists. (on a side note, Hercules is one exception that i can think of at the moment) One theme that resonated with me was the one about chasing your dreams no matter what people said about it. When he was at the museum, he was made fun of by the directors, when he went on the expedition, his teammates were less than enthusiastic about the sense of adventure and more interested in the money, and in the end, when it came to saving the place, he plucked out his courage and saved the day. Just one note on family since i talked about it in Treasure planet, if i’m not wrong, his parents died in an expedition and he was raised by his grandfather. And his grandfather eventually passed away. Milo is not the kind of guy you would see as cool or want to hang out with, Audrey said that he was one of those guys she would beat up in the cafeteria. That kind of gives you an image of a timid but intelligent kind of guy, but when you start talking about Atlantis, he can’t shut up, and i think that’s what many introverts are like. As an introvert myself i don’t really talk much even amongst my close friends. It’s only when it comes to topics that interest both sides that i begin to talk on and on. And this is true of any conversation, we like to talk about things we’re interested in but i don’t think we should label someone as quiet just because they seem like it. Like i say to myself, it’s not like i don’t like to talk, it’s just that you’re not talking about things that interest me. As for the real issues here, I think a view of introverts is one, another is about motivations. The scary part that always got me was how the bad guys were so driven by the love of money that they would kill an entire civilization just to get it. We’re talking genocide, and as we’ve seen in the real world, this is not something common, nor is it something that no one would ever think of doing, it has been done, several times too. The amount of selfishness involved here is real, there are people out there that are so selfish that they would take down everyone with them so that they won’t be the ones suffering alone for their own decision. That’s also some heavy stuff for a kids movie.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying the princess movies don’t have any depth in them, they do, especially the more recent ones. I think that these movies deserve to get more recognition too. Also, I’ll add in more movies once i remember them, you know, life has gotten in the way of movie watching.