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Recently i visited springfield illinois where Abraham Lincoln lived (before he became president) and also where he is buried. I have to say, it was a really powerful experience, walking in the house that he lived in, imagining what he must be thinking. One thought ran across my mind as i was taking in everything, “what made him so different? What was it that made him act on the nagging feeling that slavery wasn’t right?” I’m sure you don’t just wake up one day and decide you want to change the world. I believe it is something gradual, shaky and quiet in the beginning but it becomes louder as time goes by. I’m sure many people felt that slavery was not right, but it was him, Abraham Lincoln that used his position to make such an impactful change. I just think it’s so amazing. It makes me want to know more about the man, what did he know, what shaped him, what motivated him, what gave him courage? so many questions. And yet, i feel this connection to him. I was reading this article, an open letter from introverts to the world, and below there was a list of famous people who were introverts and Abraham Lincoln was one of them. Somehow this was not surprising to me, I just had this feeling that he was one. And i think that’s one more amazing thing about him, he was an introvert, and he still did what he did! As an introvert myself, i know how tough it is to come out of your safe, quiet place and step up to do what you know to be right. I also think that he knew that he was an introvert and used it to his advantage, which is beautiful because it shows that he really had confidence in who he was. I know many times when I wished so hard that i was an extrovert, that i could socialize with people and not get tired, that i would be able to come up with conversation topics to no end. It was only later that i realized that i was quiet not because i was boring or couldn’t think of things to say, it was just that the conversations that i was engaged in was not what i was either

a. not interested in [I’m just being honest here]

b. inadequately informed on

c. gossip.

I wish i could get into conversation easily with others about their ideas about the world, about change, what they wish they could do. Yes, the weather is a nice topic, but there will be an end to that eventually. I guess what i’m trying to say is, introverts can be leaders, they can talk, but they also are who they are and there should be more respect for that.