I used to think that winter was the saddest season because the trees were bald, there were no flowers and the general mood was gloomy (even the snow and Christmas couldn’t change my mind about the season). It wasn’t till i saw the trees and flowers blooming that i realized that winter was such a necessary season. It was a season of rest and rejuvenation. The trees and flowers weren’t dead, if they were, they wouldn’t be able to bloom in spring. They looked dead, but underneath, nature was doing its work, regenerating what had been used for 9 months and preparing the tree for a new year. In a way, people need that too. After working for so long, we feel worn out, sapped of our energy. As an introvert, i find taking moments of rest extremely important. After socializing with people, i’ll retreat and take a break. But looking at the past semester, i think the three month break thing would be a great idea though i’ll only get one, which i’ll use well thank you very much. I think God has put these examples in nature to remind us humans to take a rest. These days, the world just requires us humans to be on our game every second, if you’re not, you loose out, miss an opportunity, etc. I think that’s crazy and a terrible idea, plus, there’s so many people so why don’t we just take turns? I think that we need to learn from nature, learn how to take a rest, most importantly, Jesus offers us rest, he offers to take our burdens and i would love to take up that offer.