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Last semester i took a Roman literature class and one of the books we read was Virgil’s epic Aeneid because, well come on, it’s Virgil’s Aeneid. Anyway, one of the major subplots of the story was the love story between Dido and Aeneas and i think it’s such a tragic story. Dido, thanks to cupid’s influence falls in love with Aeneas and they both reciprocate the love, Dido even considers herself married to Aeneas. Suddenly, the gods remind Aeneas of his fate to found Rome and off he goes WITHOUT Dido. The heartbroken Dido then decides that she has to kill herself, piles up all of Aeneas stuff to burn (good move) and throws herself in the fire (bad move).

If you ask me, this just defines tragic. And the song, it talks about how, if their love is a tragedy how come you are my remedy and it just sums up this whole relationship in a way because their love was always meant to be a tragedy because carthage would be the enemy of the new city Aeneas was about to start.Also, Dido was very independent, even founding the city on her own but i always felt that she was very hurt by what happened to her late husband and with Aeneas appearance, it feels like she suddenly saw a bright life in her existence. So although they could never be together, he brings in this spark to her life. Yeah, that’s the connection i made between this song and the epic, it just happened that i was listening to the song while reading. Life heh?