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I had this idea after contemplating my singleness and i just felt that hey, i should really try to look at the awesome side of being single. I think that there are some cool things that i do and it just involves me liking the stuff that i like, so why not blog about it as a way of expression and also to remind myself that it’s ok to be single. So today it’s music, I’m not really a music person in the sense that i’m into indie or a certain genre, or i can quote singers and their songs off the top of my head. In fact i don’t even have a favorite singer, i personally like specific songs and i love soundtrack instrumentals. Off the top of my Youtube playlist is ‘The letter that never came’ from the movie ‘A series of unfortunate events’. I really like this song because it’s at the end of the movie and this song coupled with the reading of the letter just brings tears to your eyes, you know that they, no matter what life hurls at them will be able to survive it because they are together. It’s slow, i personally tend to sway towards slow songs and had a tinge of magic and hope to it. Here it is if you’re interested in listening.

So that’s it for my first post, i don’t want to just make a list of all my fave instrumentals, i’ll space it out hehe.