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[spoilers ahead-I have so many feelings for this episode, forgive me]

I’m not exactly reviewing the episode, but i’m doing more of a rant because I can’t get over one huge fact from this episode…. RICHARD AND ANNE! the chemistry, their story, i’m melting. Right, so the episode is titled love and death and to be honest, the only thing i can think about is the love between Richard and anne. So Jacquetta and margaret beuford’s mother dies and the new born baby too. And margaret beuford remarries, but really who cares about that when RICHARD AND ANNE are together!??

So when did i start to ship them? From episode 5, but i was a huge fan of richard beforehand. You can see my previous post about the white queen for evidence. I know this show is called the white queen, but i honestly don’t care about Elizabeth woodville or Edward York. Honestly, i think that Elizabeth, even after being queen for so many years act immaturely. Getting mad at Edward for pardoning anne (good thing he did), her mother, HER MOTHER had to remind her that it was Edward’s duty to do so. I mean, after being queen for that many years she should have learned some tact and diplomacy and understand her husband’s position right? That’s what being a queen entailes, but no, she’s like a child, so caught up in getting revenge the straightfoward way, and through her husband no less. Not really the kind of woman I admire. The only part of being queen she’s really fullfilling is bearing children.

So, enough about the title character. I love richard’s line “Why do you think?” because it signifies he’s had feelings for her for some time. It’s not just some puppy love. Furthermore, i learned that they used to live together in Anne’s house, so they’d have grown up together, awwww, a love that comes from friendship. I was really proud of Anne, being so clever to discover George’s scheme and actually trying to change it. This girl got guts and is certainly proactive. Their secret meetings in the gardens were fun and thrilling to watch, hoping that they wouldn’t get caught. And finally when they got married, the fangirl in me was squeeling! I reblogged so many gifs from tumblr and i just have to share it here. So here is almost all the moments between richard and anne in episode 6 and they’re all my fave’s!

-credits to the owners.

Aren’t they super cute together? I am interested to see how they’ll change when Richard get the throne. Little girl is gonna be a queen soon.