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Thank God for Tumblr or I would never have found out that BBC was doing this series based on the novels by philippa gregory. So far 3 episodes have aired and it has been very entertaining and informative at the same time. I’ve only read about the Tudors and vaguely heard of the war of roses but man, 1 episode into this series and I feel like I’ve caught up with history. Alright, fine, i did my own outside research and now I really want to read the books for myself. It’s nice that they combined the white queen and the kingmaker’s daughter in this series and the red queen also gets a role here, it really gives a wider perspective rather than just focusing on Elizabeth Woodville (the white queen)

I just found out that the white princess is coming out this month! I am excited to say the least. The white princess is about the daughter of Elizabeth Woodville, Elizabeth of York who later marries Henry Tudor and is the mother of Henry VIII. The plot sounds intriguing too, she’s supposed to be in love with someone else.

As for the cast, James frain is starring as Lord Warwick, the kingmaker! Why him out of all the cast? (the York king/princes are really good looking too) Because James Frain was in The Tudors, the one about Henry VIII where he plays Thomas Cromwell. Sorry, just a little sentimental feelings, I was a fan of Frain in the Tudors because he was a common man who made his way to the top but was sadly overthrown by the nobels.

On to the York bro’s. Kin Edward played by Max irons.

George (david oakes)

and Richard (Aneurin Barnard)

I love him here, he looks so boyishly cute, those eyes, his hair, oh my. (Then he ends up becoming Richard III, wow)

So the three York brothers here. George is my least favorite one. I know Edward is supposed to be the King and all but I like Richard better and wish he had more scenes, hopefully he gets more later in the series. It’s going to be 10 episodes for season 1. On to the women.

Elizabeth (the white queen)

Margaret (the red queen)

Anne Neville

Isabel Neville

I like the simplicity of the costumes but at the same time the fabrics give it the richness their position enjoys. This period is medieval so it’s a simple dress, no hoods that appear in the Tudor times (though Edwards mother was wearing that huge headdress) and we can see some puffy sleeves.

Finally, i’ll just end by saying that when i first saw it I thought, Tudors. There is that vibe but a lot less bed scenes. You can also see a lot more scenes for the women which gives the show the whole drama aspect i guess. Crossing my fingers and hoping that it will stay good.

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