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Last night I found a rich source of material on chinese clothing specifically hanfu (han chinese clothes) on tumblr and I was so excited because it’s just my thing. So admittedly after a while i started to get all confused because each dynasty has a distinct sort of clothing style to it, as seen in other parts of the world through history, fashion changes all the time. So this post is for me to sort through all the material i’ve been looking at. Credits for the pictures are to its owners and none of them is mine, hopefully as this guide helps me get the names and styles right it will also help you too.

Disclaimer: There are of course variations to the clothes but i think these are the general ones that common folk would have worn, i tried not to go into the ones nobility wore because that would be another headache. If there are any mistakes here I apologise, and please do let me know about it. I hope to get a book on this to read up more! Oh look at the timeline below i found that useful in understanding the way fashion changed and the variations.

Qu Ju  曲裾

-I would say, the way i identify this clothing is by the upper vest which reaches the waist and also the skirt which seems like a two peice due to the upper layer.

BeiZi  褙子及大氅 (song/Ming Dynasty)

– Here, i would say it’s the cloak that really stands out as an identifier

Ru Qun (Tang and Song dynasty)  襦裙

– I like these alot and they look like the korean hanbook, though there are variations the idea is about the same, look for high waist/breast styles.

Breast High Ru Qun 齊胸襦裙

Clay figure of breast height ru qun


U-necked banbi (half-sleeve) ruqun


Short Sleeved Ru Qun 半臂襦裙


AoQun (Ming Dynasty)  襖裙

– I think these are nice too, a really big top and a really big skirt, not form fitting but the material and patterns makes it beautiful.

Banbi (Hanfu Half Sleeve Jacket)

the dress underneath is modern, but i like how they meshed the modern and traditional together. As i read, it seems that the banbi was worn over the ruqun, so it’s the olden day jacket.

I also found this timeline guide which i think will be very helpful