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Last year i was hooked on BBJX and now they’ve already started filming for the second series. I know i should have posted something earlier but I just didn’t have time, but hey, summer is here! So far news has been coming in through tumblr for me, but i know that you can get some updates through spcnet.The thread for BBJQ is only 8 pages long though


So what do i personally think about it? Well I am happy that the two leads are back but other than that there are many new characters, and something about a lui shi shi look alike? I don’t know, simply regurgitating the story into modern day times is difficult because let’s face it, it’ll be boring. If you want to do that you’ve got to be smart about it, take lots of twists and clever reinterpretations about event. I’m thinking about the lizzie bennet diaries now (don’t mind my weird brain connections please) It took pride and prejudice and gave it their own intepretation, because hey, Pride and Prejudice has been adapted like so many times. What i’m trying to say here is, that is what bu bu jing Qing has to do if it wants to remain fresh, assuming they want to stick to a similar storyline.

Now let us just have some official pics cause pics are always fun aren’t they?

Look at that hair O.O

Annie Liu! (Rou lan)

Can i say that I am not a fan of lui shi shi’s hairstyle here, short and straight, that’s all? It makes her head look flat, and she looks so pale, gosh she looked much better in the costumes than in modern day wear, poor thing.

When will it be released? What i’ve heard so far maybe august or later, fingers crossed people, oh wait… i’ll need subtitles so i’ll have to wait longer. darn.