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The Malaysian GE is coming up pretty soon and I’ve been seeing lots of media posted on facebook and Youtube, nope, haven’t gone to twitter yet but i can bet there’s lots of stuff there too. So my plan is just to do a little history work here, document things because i think that it’s a rich source of history, especially political history. I’m just going to post either pictures or links and i’m not sure how far this project will go, so if you’re reading this and you’re Malaysian, help me find stuff that you think can go into this collection by posting the link in the comment box. Depending on how many sources i get i might expand into specific categories or just put everything here. I will try to get as many sources from both sides because leaving out one side isn’t going to give a good history no? BTW i think the logical place to start, since it’s about the GE and not all the events that were before it (even if they’re used as a campaign for the GE) would be the announcement, so any resources after that thank you.  So let this project begin! *cuts ribbon*

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Update: After starting this for 30 minutes I feel this is gonna take a looooong time

GE13: Parliament dissolution likely only after mid-April (STAR Newspaper)

Announcement of the dissolution of Parliament. April 3 2013.

GE13: Najib tells why he chose April 3 for dissolution of Parliament (STAR Newspaper)