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SPOILER ALERT. Sorry i couldn’t express anything without spoiling the movie.

Beautiful, Spectacular and heart wrenching. The filmography is amazing, how it flows so beautifully. While i was watching the movie i was just thinking to myself “Gosh, the editors must have had such a hard time just making it work so well.” and whoever plans out the shots and scenes too, come on, you would have a headache if you had to do it. Let me try to explain what i mean, After you get over the initial first few minutes of confusion over why they’re on a theatre stage and it keeps on changing scene’s but it’s the same stage, hey where’s the ‘house’ they’re supposed to live in ? feeling you’ll understand that it is the direction the director wants to take the story. Wow that was a long line of thought. The whole film is set in a theatre, only certain parts are out in the country where you get to see actual trees and skies instead of painted backdrops. (hint, there’s the interpretation there)

I have not read the original story, being 900 pages and not assigned at all, i have not dared to venture there yet. I mean let me try the Lord of the Rings first ok? But thank you wikipedia, you have given quite a lot of information about the story. I am sure many parts of the original book had to be cut out. The movie is only 2 hours long, for me, it obviously had to sacrifice a lot of something. However, on it’s own, it is a really good story. If i had to talk about a flaw i would point out that i would have liked more exposure on how she changed. It wasn’t clear really how she became quite delusional. One minute she’s happy to have his child and wants him, another moment she suspects him of infidelity. She avoids him and the moment he says he’s leaving she becomes his mistress…what? couldn’t there be a yes, you shouldn’t leave because i love you but i am still married so i should think about it before i immediately sleep with you. Where did the feelings come from? was it because she was so bored of her married life that she would jump at the first chance of an affair with a man who flatters her by following her everywhere?

On the other hand, I love Matthew Mcfayden’s performance as Oblonsky. He’s hilarious, really he brings the spark to the otherwise dramatic story.

And Michelle Dockrey, i wish they gave her more lines, she’s the best princess in the whole movie. At least she was NICE to ANNA and went with her to the theatre even though everyone was gossiping.

Look at her here, she’s like the couple’s best friend.

Another thing worth mentioning is the costumes, look at the picture above and the pictures i will post below. The costume designer won an award for goodness sake, it is magnificent!

The costumes deserve a whole post on their own.

My final thoughts about the movie, the story is if you compare it to the original, then it would be bad. On it’s own it still needs work on the characters. I think the only character that i felt was given some sort of realistic development would be Princess kitty. I would have liked to see more interactions other than kissing between Anna and Veronsky. And Karenina himself (gosh it’s JUDE LAW! i didn’t notice the whole time, i’m so blind) he is such a complex character, it’s sad that he was just put aside. The movie is beautiful to look at, the sets, the clothes, visually, it’s amazing, but more could have been done with the script. However, i think that the whole theatre concept is really good, who would have thought to do that, one, it’s though and second you really need a good sense of organization. As a viewer, at first i didn’t like it, but it really gives you room to interpret and understand the scene for yourself instead of the director telling you the place must look so and so, you can imagine for yourself.

I’ll just end with a video that talks about exactly what i mean by that.