Can i come up with a lamer title than this? i hope not. I was just thinking about money yesterday and you know, how expensive it is to be in US, how much books cost me (i really wanna cry over that, i mean it’s just that when you come from a place where everything isn’t exactly original, to have to just rent the original is not exactly very nice) And housing, and well….everything else that costs money. So as i was thinking about it, i just felt God say, “Hey, i brought you all the way to the US, trust Me to get you through it.” And at that time when i heard that i was all “ok, yeah, you’re right.” but i just said it as a half hearted response and tried not to think about money anymore.

Last night i went for the CCF service and guess what, the topic was about money. (sound effects, dang dang dang) Ok, i was about post grad money matters, but i just felt that the message for me was a little different, that God was just saying again, in a much louder voice for me to stop worrying about money. The speaker told us about how God just provided for her and yes, she had to think about money all right, but more of a dependant on God way, not the I need money God, so give me a job so that I can go earn it. So i’m just glad that God is always taking care of me, even when i don’t notice it.