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Life in uni abroad is i guess you could say so far so good. In terms of adapting i guess i’m surviving. On the surface stuff seems to go ok, but when i just take a breather, i see that i’ve just been trying to complete this, and that. Go for orientation, see your advisor, go and buy stuff, get the books, go to class, get the homework done, get the readings done. It just never stops, i know that it’s all about scheduling and honestly i’m pretty good at that, it’s just that…. i just feel that i’m doing and not living. It comes to a point where i’m just trying to create a routine for myself SO that i can relax, very oxymoron-ish sounding eh. And one night i was just thinking and thought what if all this busyness, however ‘normal’ it may seem to the world is just a ploy to get me further away from God? yeah i know it’s not a mind blowing idea, the idea has been there already and it seems logical, but hey, how many of us can stick to remembering that without just slipping in to the routine all over again. Seriously, in a world where God is slowly pushed out of, it is pretty easy to fall into that trap. And now i’m just so thankful to God for never being too busy for me, always looking out and He’s so good, providing many nice people around me, just guiding me through even though i don’t know it. I mean, how i managed to finished that 158 page reading assignment in 1 day is a miracle in itself yeah? He’s protected me, kept me well and warm. And the house too, so fast and the first one too, i was just thinking to myself, this can’t be happening, but it is! and when you’re in a absolutely new place, a new chapter in your life, i’m just glad i’ve got God watching my back, because the God of angel armies, is always by my side. I know who goes before me, i know who stands behind, the God of angel armies, he is a friend of mine. (Chris tomlin’s song).