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I stumbled across this movie by accident, in fact i wasn’t even looking at the cast members, but the blurb caught my attention.This movie stars as Lee min-jeong as Gina, Lee Jeong Jin as Jae ik and my personal favorite lee kwang soo, i can’t remember his characters name but he’s the guy who gets bullied by min jeong’s character.

The storyline is really simple, an ex girl group member settles as a Deejay, hoping that one day she’ll be famous once again. Unfortunately her radio ratings aren’t high and jae ik is brought in to bring it up. The two do not see eye to eye. He’s very practical and cold, she’s carefree and caring. Later she comes up with an idea with for a segment (after being challenged by jae ik) and this slowly shows jae ik that she’s not the spoilt brat and washed up diva he thought she was. Meanwhile, Gina’s ex girl band member is seeking revenge for what she did to the group and tries to jeopardise Gina’s career.

Generally, i thought the chemistry between the two characters wasn’t as strong, there were some moments between the two of them, mostly involving him seeing a different side of her and him trying to do something for her career.

To be honest i was more touched by the radio segment parts where the individual stories were told, those were tear jerking moments. I especially loved the one where the girl sings to her step father, tears were rolling when you see how she finally understands and accepts the love that her step father has shown for her.

I also thought that the conflict between gina and the other girl band member was just put to try and create conflict in the movie. It was there, but the way they resolved it in the end made it seem like it wasn’t that much of a big deal after all.

One last thing, I LOVED THE RUNNING MAN CAMEO’S, joong kook and gary in the car, hahahaha and kwang soo being bullied by them again. Awesome stuff! And to think the min jeong appeared in running man after this movie was filmed.

(see the clip below)

Overall i’ll give this movie a 7/10 but i wouldn’t really categorize it as romance, but more to for family viewership.