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Episode 1

Introduction:RM 1-1Cheap tem:

RM 1-2Expensive team:

RM 1-4All of them:

RM 1-3

Comments: nothing much to say except that the clothes they wore when they introduced the series was nice and classy, too bad it rained eh.

Episode 2


RM 2-1Blue team:

RM 2-3Red team:

RM 2-2

Football jerseys:

RM 2-4

Photo taking special:

RM 2-5RM 2-6Swimming clothes:

RM 2-7Comments: i like the football jerseys, it fits and somehow goes with the jumper. The swimming clothes aren’t anything special, though they did blurr out the brand as seen in the picture above.

Episode 3

This episode is the continuation of the last so the clothes are the same except for this special game where they just put on a blazer

RM3-1Comments: nothing fashion wise but the announcer game was funny!

Episode 4 and 5


RM 4-1

Red and blue team:

RM 4-2 Swimming clothes:

RM 4-4

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10