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This is my personal comments about the ceremony on the 9th of november. Now i’m a huge fan of Dato’ Lee Chong Wei and so happy for him. I hope they’ll be happy  together for the rest of their lives and may their marriage last till death do them part. After 11 years this couple finally tied the knot and it’s a huge thing for our country Malaysia, he is after all our national hero and does us proud especially since he was the No. 1 Badminton player in the world, woots!

So here’s my comments, now warning, i can be sarcastic, but i’m just trying to be very honest here. So sorry if some of these comments offend anyone.

-why the pocahontas song when they entered? WHY??? (the reson given, “it gives an enchanted and eco feeling to the whole theme….swt)

-the guy emcee-ing the event on tonton.com.my is adequately good, i like that he did his homework and wasn’t constantly checking the phone for ‘notes’, so much more professional unlike the lady before.

-using bruno mars song ‘marry you’ may seem like a good idea, but the words ‘i think i want to marry you’; not so much.

-mew choo looks like she’s wrestling with her dress when they met the agong.

-the dress….no

-the words from the wedding planner, “the crystals and lights symbolises their eternal love” wow, did you come up with that line on your own?

[How the place was decorated, the long table in the middle is for the King and queen, prime minister and the couple]

-western food instead of chinese food, good choice. We don’t need to have that 10 course meal thank you. [traditionally a chinese couple will have a chinese wedding dinner, this is a different approach. Although considering that some of the guests can’t eat pork, it is the logical approach]

-the cake figurines were cute

-the second dress, not much of an improvement from the first, sorry gurl

– the entertainment, some good, some not so

-so let’s have a closer look at the deco and the people as they’re eating dessert at the moment

-the emcee is telling the girls that lee chong wei’s taken, lol rubbing it in eh?

-overall i think that i couple are happy with everything and that’s the most important part, all the best to the newly wed couple!

-Alright i think it’s gonna end soon, so i’ll sign off with whatever pictures i caught on the screen

she’s doing a fine job entertaining everyone btw

credits to tonton.com.my for the live stream and it’s where i got the pics from.