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There hasn’t been much news about the 3rd season but steven moffat has given us desperate fans the usual teaser, 3 words. “Rat. Wedding. Bow.” Ok from what i’ve read in the web (as i’ve not read all the sherlock stories) that these words may be references to these stories;

  • Rat = The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire (or possibly Moffat intends to expand on the oft-referenced case of The Giant Rat Of Sumatra)
  • Wedding = The Noble Bachelor, or maybe watson getting married? (gasp!)
  • Bow = His Last Bow

(taken from http://screenrant.com/sherlock-season-3-premiere-spoilers-fall-2013/)

I really really do hope that more news comes out soon, like news that production has actually started! Alright, as a fan there is just one thing i really want to know:

HOW DID SHERLOCK SURVIVE. what did he do? He is alive, believe in sherlock! Other than that, i will be very sad if the bow reference means that it will be the last of what we see of this sherlock series because by far it is the best out there. Seriously, the new american version ‘elementary’ can’t compete. I’ve seen the first few minutes and maybe it’s a hint of bias and loyalty but i didn’t enjoy watching it at all. Benedict cumberbatch and Martin freeman are just gold for the role you know? And turning watson into a woman, i still can’t wrap my mind around that idea. Ok i seriously need to rewatch the sherlock episodes again to ease my mind.