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The third book in the heroes of olympus series, i couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. As a fan of this Rick Riodan series, one has to wait a year, a year! to read the next part of the story.I won’t be going into storyline as i would give the whole thing away, i’m just going to comment on the writing.

This book combines the characters from the first 2 books, so you have all 7 children of the prophecy. If you’ve read the first 2 books, you’ll realise that Rick has segmented the story to different viewpoints of the characters, the first 2 were easy as there were only 3 viewpoints to cover, but now you’ve got 7 so now all the characters got their chance. The viewpoints you’ll get to read from are Percy, Annabeth, Leo and Piper. Now this being a new series i would have thought that rick would want to use the viewpoint of Jason instead of Percy. Don’t get me wrong, i love Percy, but this is a new series, i guess it is a little hard to let go off a good character. It makes sense to go from the viewpoint of Annabeth though, since the title is The Mark of Athena and she is the daughter of Athena.

Also, since there are so many characters, i feel that the book has taken a Lord of the rings style to it where the group splits and you follow one groups progress then jump to the other. To me, it wasn’t really as fun to read, i felt like there were gaps in the story, for example (spoiler alert!) when Leo and hazel go and look for the celestial bronze you see their story, however when the group gets back on the ship you find out that Percy and Annabeth had an encounter with a sludge monster. (spoiler end) Now it may not have been important to the storyline but that’s the thing, there are things that were not told like why did they meet a sludge monster, anything to do with gaia? guy working for her or something? Furthermore, not all the characters got equal screen time. I felt that Jason and frank were seriously left out, even coach hedge got more screen time. In this book it felt like all Jason’s job was to look good and be awesome at using his wind and lightning powers. Frank on the other hand had the label ‘i’m Hazel’s boyfriend and i have a terrible secret.’ Maybe this will be evened out in the next book, which i found out is going to be called The house of Hades.

Overall, after reading the book i felt reasonably entertained, there were laugh out loud parts, very good fight scenes, colourful characters and intriguing prophecy’s, however, maybe it’s because i’ve already read 7 of his books and i’m used to it or maybe it was just too simple, but the prophecy’s and storyline was a bit too predictable. There was just something missing in this book and i can’t quite figure it out now.


Book rating : 3/5 stars