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I remember as a kid i loved to watch this show and get so worked up supporting the kids as they ran through the temple. Looking back now, i realised that this show’s theme for each episode is actually really good especially for history geeks like me. Take this title for example; Legends: Snake bracelet of Cleopatra. Each episode relates to a specific person in history, alright there are weird one, like the golden pepperoni of Catherine de medici. However, i personally found that just by looking at the names in the title, i got to know about many other people in history that i never heard of, and gosh, they’re actually popular, makes me feel so dumb.

I checked out IMDB for the episode list and i’m quite surprised that this show only lasted 3 seasons. Then again, the temple was always the same, i think at that time, i watched so many episodes that i mastered every room, granted i didn’t know where the temple guards would be, but i think if you know what to do in the rooms, it really speeds things up. This show brings back so many memories of how Nick used to have game show for kids, now it’s just i-carly and who knows what.

Anyway, here’s the link to IMDB to save time: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0310482/