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My friends and i decided to make a trip up to Ipoh to visit a friend and also try out the food in this town famous for lots of delicacies. I’ll be posting pictures of the food we tried and also where you can find them. Ipoh is known for its taugeh which is crunchy and absolutely delicious, who knew a small white veggie could taste so good? This is just a list of the food i tried and what i generally thought about it, i’m not a local so sorry i can’t really give good directions on how to find it, i’ll put the GPS coordinates though if i can find it. Alright, i’ll just jump right into the food now. [I’ll try to give an english name for the food if possible]

1) Nga Choi Kai (chicken with taugeh)

Where: Lou Wong, N4.5939, E101.0841

this is the taugeh i talked about, notice how the portions of the taugeh match the portion given for the chicken? yeah, that good. To be honest i like the taugeh more than the chicken. This is a must try and ipoh people will most definitely take you for this. I was told that Lou Wong is the most famous and people actually wait by the table( while you’re eating) to get a seat. However we went during the afternoon, so we didn’t encounter that situation, we also did not go during the holidays so we’re lucky to eat in peace. The chicken and tougeh can either be eaten with rice or ‘hor fan’ (noodles) as seen below.

2) Tou Fu Fah

Where: Funny Mountain, N4.5947, E101.0834


Tou fu fah is made out of soya bean and it’s eaten with liquid sugar. This particular tau fu fah is served with white sugar, i normally eat mine with brown sugar so this was something a little different for me. They also sell soya bean to drink, basically they specialise in soya bean products. It’s a small little shop, but the tau fu fah is good, very silky and smooth, something nice to eat after a heavy meal.

3) Rojak, Prawn Mantis, and sting ray

where: next to wolley’s food city (a food court)

food ordered from different stalls.

These three can be found in the same place, i’m not sure what the food court is called but it’s next to Wolley’s food city. The rojak i did not personally try, but from my friends reaction they really liked it. The main thing about the rojak is the sauce, you can pretty much put in anything you like but it’s the sauce that ‘glues’ it together. As for the prawn mantis, the best i’ve tried, so crunchy and tasty. Most of the time it’s just bland but this was very flavourful. And lastly the sting ray, what’s special about this is that it’s coated with curry powder giving it this punch, it’s spicy but it leaves you wanting more.

4) Salted Chicken

where: Aun Kheng Lim, N4.5946, E101.0833

OPENING HOURS: 1000-1900

The most famous salted chicken in ipoh, you go into the show, tell them how many you want and they hand it to you immediately, yes, they know they’re famous and have come prepared. So, you usually buy a whole chicken and it’ll be enough for about 4 people. It’s RM17 per chicken which is really reasonable. The chicken is specially wrapped up and cooked with lots of salt (so much that when you open the wrapping, salt fall out) and herbs and it’s good as a main dish served with some vegetables. It can also be eaten by itself, but be warned, have lots of water around!

5) White coffee and egg tarts

Where: Nam Heong, N4.5931. E101.0771


Ipoh is also famous for its white coffee, as you can see from the picture, it’s not exactly white. Since there are many coffee shops in ipoh that serve white coffee it is important to go to THE BEST and this is where you can get it. It’s just a small corner shop but the seats are never empty. It also has stalls that serve char kueh teow, egg tarts and other pastries and noodles. The first two items mentioned are what people go there to eat along with the good coffee. I tries the egg tarts and they are quite good, as for the char kueh teow it wasn’t as good, not ‘burnt’ enough for me as i like char kueh teow that is dark and cooked with intense heat.

6) Lolo (shaved ice with fruits)

Where: Tong sui kai (this is what my friend called it)

I dreamt about this, i’m serious. It’s the most delicious thing on earth, the cold fine ice mixed with the sweet fruit and toppings that melt in your mouth, omg the first time i tried it i was sold. So this is the second time and i have to be honest, i came all the way to ipoh just for this. I’ve been trying to figure out what makes it so good and i think it’s 1. the fine ice shavings, you can’t have course ice, it must be so fine yet packed. and 2. the sauce and toppings, the right amount of sweetness and thickness. It’s no ordinary sauce i tell you, they must have found the perfect combo. Unfortunately you can only get this at night and according to my friend, it is said that sometimes the shop isn’t open just because it isn’t. I’m so glad the boss decided he wanted to open his stall that day. Yes, it’s a row of stalls by the road behind a school, and there are lots of other things to eat too, but i’ll go there just for this and not bother about the rest, haha i’m so mean, nah, if you go with others try out the rest of the food though i wouldn’t know what to recommend.