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Competition, in this episode it’ll mean more than just the pro-bending arena for the fire ferrets, something to do with someone named Korra and another one named Asami. Ok, like i’m not being obvious enough, now i should really get on with the review.

Mako, Bolin and korra are working hard practicing for the championship,but at the same time they know how to have fun too. As they huddle up after practice, there’s this funny moment where bolin passes a smile to korra who passes it awkwardly to Mako and finally Mako rejects it. Mako gives the team a pep talk for the championship that night, before he ends, they are interrupted by Asami, who holds the new team shirts. The ones her dad sponsored. Korra isn’t too happy with Asami’s presence especially when she and Mako go all lovey dovey in front of her.

Her priceless look of disgust must be added to the korra facial expressions dictionary. Mako and Asami then head out for their lunch date, leaving korra and bolin alone. Korra picks up her things and gets ready to go when bolin does a smooth move and says:

Bolin: There they are, here we are, all alone in the gym (in a sexy voice) just you and me….two alone (stress on alone) people.Together, alone.

His proposal for lunch or a date is sadly rejected by korra who gives the excuse that she has to head back to the air temple to train with Tenzin.ouch Bolin.

In the next scene, the two brothers are together in the attick, Mako cooking some meat and Bolin trying to bathe Pabu (not an easy task apparently). Bolin then starts very ‘casually’ to ask Mako what he thinks about Korra in a girlfriend way. Mako then says that Korra is great but it makes more sense for him to be with Asami, Bolin gets annoyed and tells him to leave some girls for him. Mako defends himself by saying he thought that was what Bolin meant. Mako then continues to say that he thinks that Korra may not be girlfriend material, oh no friendzoning in the process. Bolin defends korra and himself saying that they’re both strong, fun and korra is beautiful while he (Bolin) is gorgeous! [ man these two bro’s can’t get enough of themselves] Bolin then decides to ask Korra out anyway but Mako advises him that its not smart to date a team member especially during the tournament. He tells bolin to get his head out of the clouds and his priorities straight. Bolin sweeps away Mako’s comment with a promise to do as his brother advised.

On airtemple island it’s cold and snowing [does anyone notice the seasons in TLOK?] Korra is with Jinorra and ikki putting some food in an animal cage. Jinorra asks Korra about the tall, handsome firebender boy, hinting for bits of juicy information. Ikki asks korra to tell them “all about the magical romance”. Korra acts surprised and denies that she has any feelings for Mako or into any romantic stuff, in the process admitting her jealousy for Asami and then turning to two young girls for love advice. Jinorra is the first to give advice telling korra to follow what the heroine in a book did, ride a dragon to a village, burn it down and jump into a volcano. Ikki on the other hand tells her to brew a magical potion and them fly to the clouds and something about rainbows, basically the fantasy’s a four year old girl will tell you about.

They are interrupted by peema who has overheard the whole discussion. Peema then tells the three of them the story of how Tenzin was with another girl before he met peema and peema, so in love with Tenzin decided to suck up her pride and confess to him, and that’s their love story! The three girls are drawn into the love story and sigh in happiness. This suddenly gives korra an idea, though honestly, i’d say the story gave her the courage because its obvious that she’s planning to do the same thing.

In the pro bending arena, the pro bending championship tournament is about to begin, they’re playing single elimination in a 16 team bracket. The first challenge is between the fire ferrets and the red  raveroo’s. What i like about this new series is that you get these fight scenes and they’re so exhilarating to watch. The creators have really upped the ante for the fight scenes and i’m one happy camper. The fire ferrets work together beautifully and easily win the first round.

At the changing area, Mako comments on how well they’ve all been connecting and Korra takes this opportunity to point out how the two of them have been really connecting too, Mako halfheartedly agrees with her, trying to see where this is all going. Korra asks Mako out for a date in a very indirect manner, when Mako starts to reject her, she goes up to him and confesses her feelings for Mako, saying that they were “meant for each other”. Mako turns around and she gets so embarrassed, he tells her that he doesn’t feel the same way about her and that he was with asami. And tadah, in come Asami, offering them congratulations. This is when Mako becomes a jerk and totally ignores Korra as if nothing happened.

On the side, Bolin goes up to Korra and asks her out on a date but she rejects him saying that she does feel very dateworthy. However, boling goes into charming mode and praises korra, telling her that she’s awesome, this makes her laugh and she agrees to hang out, meanwhile, Mako, who’s at the corner with Asami overhears the conversation and gets jealous when Korra agrees to go out with bolin. (dude you asked for it)

In the restaurant, bolin and korra are having water tribe noodles (which are green for some reason),again, bolin tries to emphasize how great they are together.

Korra on the other hand is disturbed by the guy on the other side who keeps staring at them. Turn out the guy is Tahno, bolin advises korra not to make eye contact with him as tahno and his group are the reigning champions 3 years in a row. But of course korra won’t listen, so tahno gets up and walks towards their table. Tahno comes over and gives some trash talk, he basically tries to bait korra to hit him so that they’ll be disqualified.

[i have a personal comment about this scene, many avatar fans saw this one clip and in a sec they came up with the tahno and korra ship, seriously? guys, please don’t pair korra up with every guy she talks to] Well Korra wasn’t going to let tahno boss her around, she stares him right in the eyes and suddenly summons Naga who ‘roars’ at Tahno and makes him scream like a girl. Tahno leaves and Bolin tells korra that she’s “one of a kind”.

The two continue their fun night out with some drinks, which leads to a burping competition. He then takes her to this tower which strangely looks like the eiffel tower, cue the sweet music and scenes. It looks like bolin is falling in love, but korra looks like she’s just having a good time with her friend. Oh friendzoned already.

Now let’s go back to Mako, he’s outside the pro bending arena, and korra arrives. He immediately goes into questioning mode asking korra what kind of ‘game’ she’s playing with bolin. He even accuses korra of using bolin to get back at him, at this korra gets the drift and shoots back telling Mako that he’s saying all this because he’s jealous, telling him to admit that he has feelings for her, this leads to a fight between them and they enter the arena in a huff.

The next round starts where the fire ferrets have to challenge the borcupines. The earlier fight has its effects on Mako and Korra, the two of them are still angry at each other and their head is totally not in the game. The only one that seems to be really fighting is bolin. The match goes into a tiebreaker thanks to the lack of coordination and Bolin offers to take the challenge. I love this match, short and sweet, especially when bolin was tossed back and he used that to push his opponent back and finally deal the final blow. Thank to Bolin the team wins the quarter final round.

After the match, korra is aloe outside, staring at the sea. Mako approaches her and tells her that they need to talk, when korra tells him to save his breath because she already know how he feels, mako stops her there saying that he didn’t tell her everything. He confesses that as much as he finds her infuriating, he think that she’s pretty amazing too. Korra is shocked and pleased, mako says that he has feelings for her, but he also has feelings for asami, while he continues to blab and try to explain everything, korra swoops in and kisses him, and he kisses her back.

The two blush but the moment is over when they realise that Bolin witnessed everything. Bolin then tears up and runs away heartbroken. mako gets angry and blames korra for what happened to bolin before rushing off to catch up with him. (darn mako, you had a role in it too!)

Mako finds Bolin in a restaurant, having eaten bowls of noodles and looking pretty bad. After calling Mako a traitor, Mako decides to just carry his bro out of the restaurant, which to me looks pretty easy apparently.

Korra enters the changing room and the two bro’s are quiet, the air is pretty intense and none of them say anything to each other.

The next opponents are the buzzard wasps, the teams seem equally matched and it looks like a tough one especially in the condition they’re in. I have to say, the commentator is actually quite funny in this match, suddenly reminded of the noodle sponsor as bolin get sick. And all the puns, the buzzard wasps fly into farret territory, you’re on a roll man. The match is of course pretty bad for the ferrets, they are defeated the first time and korra gets the yellow fan in round 2. Korra tries to give a pep talk in the final round (they need a knockout to win) but the two bro’s have lost hope. Bolin gets his arm injured and Mako gets knocked out first, followed by Bolin. As bolin swims out from the pool, mako helps him out, they have a short bro talk and apologise to each other, quickly making up. awww. While they’re getting to the top they see korra compete on her own, she’s amazing, dodging and attacking all three opponents on her own and finally, she does her awesome waterbending and knocks out all three at once!

With that they advance to the finals. The two bro’s praise korra as she returns to the changing room and finally mako and korra agree to be friends again.

Sadly, tahno decides to make his cameo now, urgh, he does the trash talk again and korra gets agitated. But it doesn’t last long as they have to compete. Asami enters and korra makes an effort to be nice to her too. Finally she goes over to bolin and apologizes while healing him, as everyone is all happy with each other again, suddenly it is announced that tahno’s team just won. Korra is shocked at how quickly the match ended and the episode ends with hints of just how powerful and threatening tahno’s team really is.