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One of my fave TVB series, i watched this when i was young and it has been stuck in my mind since then. I feel unsatisfied with the amount of pictures, clips and information there is on the net in english about this series. Since i’ve got myself a copy of it i decided to make my own contribution to whoever still remembers this series. One of the main reasons i like this series is because of Nick cheung and Esther Kwan, they play a couple in the series but they’re also a real life couple themselves, i know that’s not an actual reason to like something but it just adds this special thing to the series.

Alright so the legendary four aces is the story about these 4 men in the Ming Dynasty known for their intellegence and skill. If follows their adventures from trying to be the best known scholars to taking the national exam, there’s also the love side to it but for me, i think the most important thing about these four men would be their friendship. Througout the series you’ll see them do anything when a friend is in need in cluding getting beaten up, becoming a servant and even sacrificing love. The story also takes its time to develop, using quite a few episodes to establish the relationships and links the characters have to each other, there are after all 52 episodes, not the longest TVB series but pretty long if you compare it to the latest ones. I admit, now that i’m rewatching it that some things are very predictable but there are also scenes where it does give some surprise to the audience. There are also lots of random scenes that make you just laugh out loud, nick and bobby do a great job contributing to the humour of the series and i’ll be posting some stuff related to it.

I guess that’s pretty much what i want to say at the moment, i’m only at episode 32 at the moment so i know i have not reached the climax yet, which would mean loads of drama is still yet to happen. I’ll update this again once i’ve finished.