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I found this episode to be full of lovely clothes. One thing i like about this series is how they take one standard outline for an elements clothes and mould it to make loads of variations. So without further ado, let the pictures and comments of the new clothes begin! [ps. review of ep 4 will come out soon, i just felt like doing this first]

The family gets all dressed up, i guess the kids are just wearing special cloaks, but woah, korra, i LOVE YOUR DRESS!

I really liked Tenzin’s formal clothes, the colours are a little to the firebenders side but you can tell by the way the outer cloak is styled that it resembles the airbender tribe. And Tenzin knows how to show off his clothes.

Here’s a side shot of Korra, it’s nice to see Korra in a different hairstyle, more feminine and the little cap is cute.

A full view of Korra’s dress and Tenzin’s clothes. [lol meelo being his hyperactive self in the background] I love that the dress is so simple yet elegant.

A closeup of the upper half of the dress.

Now it’s Mako’s turn, here is gets all dressed up and puts his signature scarf on. It goes well actually, i don’t know why the old guy wanted to take it away, maybe it actually looks really old in real life? But yeah, guys do wear their scarf that way. But i’m not really a fan of the hair, i like his ‘normal’ hairstyle with it poking out in allocated directions.Note: DO NOT touch Mako’s scarf.

Bolin gets all dressed up too. Benders seem to dress up according to the colours of their element. I like the green and yellow combo, and it’s piece too!

We meet the Sato’s, here is Mr. Sato, he’s dressed up in a mix of japanese and western clothes. Something you’d expect of a rich guy. And next to him is his daughter Asami. I love her blazer, the cuffs are wonderful and the combo is stunning. Gives you the whole classy look, and it reminds me a little of Mako’s clothes actually. {meh, i don’t like that}

Asami, Mako and Bolin at the dinner. Asami wears this red dress (ok is she a bender? darn she better not be) nothing really spectacular about her dress, it’s just nice. But Mako, he’s wearing the same thing but he made his scarf to look like those victorian times tie/scarf.

Mako and Asami on their date. I like this dress better, it’s more chinese styled.

I’ll end with this, Asami flipping her hair like she’s in a hair commercial. Yeah, she totally owns it. Anyway, the point was to look at her make up, the eyeshadow and the lipstick are beautiful. It’s so nice to have your make up digitally and perfectly coloured for you isn’t it? haha sorry, i’m not a asami fan because of the whole Masami thing, but i think that she is by all means really pretty.

Hope you had fun looking at the clothes as i did. Now i feel like making that Korra dress.