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This post is pretty loaded with pics and i’ve tried to cut it down but it’s so hard to. I even made a separate fashion appreciation post just to spread out the pictures. Gosh. So yeah, on to the review.

The scene starts in a very anime like tone, it’s night time, the windows are open and the wind rushes in, we see a japanese type of door and a shadow passes it quickly. Then suddenly, chi blockers infiltrate Korra’s room and a fight begins between them. Korra firebends but is eventually attacked and unable to bend. Then Ammon comes and he reaches out to take away her bending. But before anything else goes on, she wakes up in a scream and realises its all a dream.

The next day, we finally get to go into the council building and the council men are having a meeting about Ammon. Tarlock, the councilman representing the northern water tribe proposes to set up a task force to stop Ammon. But Tenzin disagrees saying that it’ll further divide benders and non benders. Tarlock qoutes that Aang had acted with force when such a thing happened in the past too, but Tenzin accuses him of trying to compare himself to Aang, his father. [Tarlock, you better be careful when you’re talking to THE avatar’s son eyy. Show it to him Tenzin!

But the rest agree with Tarlock and Tenzin is overruled.

At night, Korra is again, training her airbending and in the background you have a very 60’s music, suddenly, the radio is interrupted with Ammon voice, he talks about the revolution and how it’s growing by the day. I find this scene a little out of place because the next scene, it’s day again and now we look at Mako, he tries to catch a train? but is hit by a motorcyclist. Angry he is ready to give the driver a pice of his mind, but lo and behold, the driver is a really hot chick.

Mako gets all flustered [as you can see from the gifs] and does not act all cool like we’ve seen in the previous episodes.

turns out the girl, Asami is a fan of the fire ferrets and to apologise for the accident, she invites him to dinner in this classy place called ‘kwang’s cuisine’. She even tells him that she’ll handle the clothes when he says he has nothing nice to wear. She leaves and Mako has this ‘struck by love’ face. [see below]

Again, it’s night time, notice that it switches from night to day and night again so quickly in this episode? Tenzin and his family are having their family dinner and suddenly Tarlock comes in and invites himself to dinner.

I love Pema’s expression when Tenzin couldn’t refuse Tarlock. This couple is so cute! Tarlock tries to convince Korra to join the task force by showing their association in the water tribe and sucking up to her by talking about infiltrating Ammon’s rally. Surprisingly Korra rejects Tarlock, to Tenzin’s surprise. She seems very uneasy and qoute wanting to concentrate on airbending first instead of Ammon. Tenzin shoes Tarlock out and Tarlock accepts this, but says that he’ll keep trying.

In republic city, Mako goes for his date and is greeted as ‘Master Mako’ which surprises him. The man quickly dresses him up in fancy clothes and when he tries to take away mako’s scarf, make retaliate by saying “The scarf stays”. Yes, there’s the attitude we know you have.

The two of them sit in a cosy corner where Asami goes on about how she’s seen all his matches in the pro-bending arena. She tells him how excited she is to see him in the tournament, but this strikes an awkward cord in the conversation and she probes him to tell her more about it. He does eventually [when she touches his hand] and tells her that they don’t have enough money to get into the next round. She sympathises with him, but then their food comes and mako finds out that she is a miss sato. Daughter of Hiroshi Sato, the founder of Sato mobile, the rich guy in town.I like how she’s all cool with it. Not proud and condescending about her status. She invites him to meet her father and he takes up the offer.

Bolin goes to visit Korra and asks her why she hasn’t been to practice, she gives her excuse and he shrugs it off like it’s no big deal because they don’t have enough money to enter the next round anyway. Unless a pile of money miraculously drops from the sky. He comes up and hands her a rose and a cake. [aww so sweet]

the gifts are a token of appreciation for rescuing him from Ammon. She says that it’s no big deal, but then Bolin goes on to describe the whole scene again and how he gets nightmares from it. [ hint hint, korra does too] Again, she looks very uneasy, you know something is up because it’s just no the Korra we know, the confident, just barge in without thinking girl. She gets a delivery from tarlock, a basket of flowers and what not. Bolin sees this and asks who Tarlock is, and if she needed him to straighten him out. Korra tell him that he’s just some old guy who’s with Tenzin on the council.

Back to mako! He visits an automobile factory, obviously it’s Asami’s dad’s factory. We meet Mr. Sato and immediately after the introduction he says;

Mr. Sato [ to Mako]: So i hear you’re dirt poor.

Mako: [awkward]

hahahahaha i thought it was funny how Mr. Sato is so foward with Mako. He tells mako that it’s no big deal to be poor, that he too was poor before this[ i sorta expected this when he talked about Mako being poor] and said that if not for one man who believed in him and his idea for the Sato Mobile, all this wouldn’t have happened. Which then leads to the topic of pro-bending, he says that he’ll sponser Mako and his team [also expected]. Mako is shocked and overwhelmed but really happy with this good news.

The next scene is hillarious, Tenzin’s kids, Ikki and Meelo are in the car with a nice bow. Ikki goes all “vroom vroom, raw raw”

LOL, his kids are so hyperactive, Tenzin shakes his head, like he’s just given up with these kinds of things and heads over to look for Korra who is practicing her airbending. [So far, i have no seen her actually bending air, she just does all the movements]. Tenzin asks if Korra is alright, the two have a heart to heart talk, and Tenzin asks if her decision was only based on what she said to tarlock. He tells her that it’s ok to be scared and talk about her fears or it’ll throw her out of balance. He gets up to leave, telling her that he’s always there for her to talk to. I like how he’s so fatherly to her, even though he’s just supposed to be her mentor.

Again, Tarlock’s messenger comes to bring more gifts, at this point, i think they’re just outright bribes. She tries to earthbend the messenger away, but this time, it is an invitation to a gala held in her honour. This time, she is forced to attend. Note the background music is again, very 60’s.

Korra, tenzin and his family all arrived very nicely dressed. I love Korr’s dress btw! It’s all very formal and Korra is impressed, but Tenzin is wary and warns her that it is not normal for tarlock to throw a party for fun. Que Tarlock, he comes in and acts all nice to Korra, at this point, we can see that Tenzin and Tarlock don’t see eye to eye at all. She is escorted to meet important people. At that moment, Tenzin notices Meolo doing something and gets all worried, having that fatherly expression and goes to chase after his son

Korra meets Mr. Sato [Asami’s dad] and he says that they all expect great things from her’. At this, she gets all awkward again. In comes Mako, Asami and Bolin. They are introduced and Asami says that she’s heard so much about Korra from Mako. Korra gets all defensive and points out that she hasn’t heard anything about Asami at all. [Look at Korra getting all jealous of Asami, squeeel!!] She asks them how they met, Bolin comes in a tell her that Asami crashed into Mako, immediately Korra changes from angry/jealous mode to concerned.

Mako tells her that he’s fine and that Mr. Sato has agreed to sponsor them for the tournament.

Obviously Korra is not really happy that Asami was the source of the money, which was what made Mako so happy. Tarlock spots chief Bei Fong [Toph’s daughter] and calls her over, the two, who didn’t have a very nice first meeting go sour faced. Bei Fong tells Korra that just because the city is throwing her this big party doesn’t mean that she is important, in fact, she didn’t do anything to deserve this. Korra gets annoyed at this and it seems that her previous awkwardness is affected by bei Fongs words.

Korra is lead to a group of reporters who bombard her with questions about Ammon, she is cornered and made to look weak, in which she retaliate.

She declares that she is not afraid of anyone and will join Tarlock with his task force. Tenzin is sad to hear of this and Tarlock is more than overjoyed. This whole thing was his clever set up to force Korra to help him out. The scene ends with Korra giving that uneasy face again.

The next scene, Korra is all dressed up in police gear and in a meeting. Tarlock explains how they’re going to infiltrate a secret chi blocking training ground. The whole mission is like a police show where you have them being very quiet, and getting ready, then suddenly they attack!

ouch to the girl, the chi blockers are caught off guard and they have no defence. Korra gets confident and goes after two chi blockers, but she gets into a rough situation, at the last moment, Tarlock comes in and waterbends the guy out of the way.

So the mission is successful and everyone poses for the camera. It really looks like a scene out of the news about a police raid.

In a news conference, a reporter asks Korra why they have not located Ammon. She replies that he is hiding in the shadows like a coward , and that if he was brave enough, he would meet her for a one on one duel, no chi blockers, no task force, just him and her on avatar Aang memorial island. She leaves immediately, causing an uproar among the reporters.

Well, in the park, a couple is oblivious to what is happening around them. Asami tells Mako that she is glad that she hit him with her mopad, he returns the feelings. She then asks him why he didn’t want the scarf she sent him, he explains that the scarf he has now belonged to his father [oooooowh, juicy info] and that wearing it keeps it safe. She apologizes and admits that she lost her mother at a young age too, the two share an understanding [gah!! Mako belongs to Korra!] and she leans on his chest saying that she feels so safe with him.

On the port, Tenzin tries to talk Korra out of the match, Tarlock is no help, and Korra is determined to go on. Tarlock assures Tenzin that he has a fleet ready to swoop down if anything happens. [yeah that sounds really reassuring Tarlock].

Korra arrives early, very determined at first and all cool. But she’s easily scared by the ringing of the clock. She waits for quite some time until she decides that Ammon is a no show. But as she is walking past the entrance into the building, something ties her legs up, she is pulled into the building and surrounded by chi blockers who unarm her [lousy ammon, so much for no chi benders]. Ammon finally arrives and when it looks like he’s going to take away her bending, he touches her face and brings it up to face him He tells her that the inevitable showdown was premature and that he could easily take her bending away, but that would make her a martyr. Benders all over would rally behind her and that wasn’t his plan. He was going to let her keep her bending and when the time came, he will destroy her. She is kicked hard and faints.

funny thing is, after this she gets flashbacks of the members of team avatar. Sokka, toph and Aang, all adults.

Aangs form is replaced by tenzin who rushes in.

He calls him aang, and asks her what happened. He asks if her bending was taken away, but she easily firebends. She says she’s fine but then breaks out into tears and tenzin comforts her.

she tells him how helpless and terrified she was and finally she lets out her feelings. The ones that she’s been trying to keep infor the entire episode, Tenzin comforts her and she admits that she’s scared and she doesn’t know what to do. He tells her that admitting her feelings is the first step to overcoming them.

Comments: Alright, there were a few things that i noticed here, one, the music, very 60’s, i wonder why. Secondly, the time transition, night to day and night to day. It’s not that it’s bad or anything but i guess it get annoying when you write about it. Third, we can see that Korra is facing something new, fear.Throughout the first 3 episodes, she’s been confident and full of energy, kicking ass without a care, but now we see doubt and it’s just very obvious. We see that the encounter with Ammon was truly terrifying for her and it gives this confirmation to the audience that Ammon is someone you have to take seriously.I’m really interested to see her grow out of this fear and face Ammon head to head. This also kinda reminds me of Aang, when he was so afraid to face the firelord her was having nightmares, ok, they were funny ones, but the fear and the questions they faced were real.

Now, about the Mako and Asami thing, i do not like it. I’m Makorra all the way! She is pretty, very pretty, but still, i can’t believe Mako became putty in her hands. Is it that easy to make you all googly eyed Mako? Seriously, urgh, all the dating and clinging Asami does, it gets on my nerves! But really ,other than not liking her because Mako belongs to Korra, something is very suspicious about Asami, or is it just me getting jealous?

I also liked how in this episode, Tenzin was really fatherly to Korra. I guess it’s much more than just a master, mentor relationship between the two. Aang was Tenzin’s father and now he has to mentor the avatar, who was his father. But it’s nice that he’s so concerned about her and know when she’s out of sorts. I mean, he’s the only one who really noticed it, the rest were just blurr, or didn’t care. One more thing, the pretty clothes in this episode, wonderful! read my post dedicated to the fashion to see my comments. And tenzin’s kids, they just rock you know? Ok, that’s all, preview of episode 5 below.

Episode 5: The spirit of competition. [yay more pro bending!]