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Finally! after nick’s early release of the first 2 episodes i realised that i still had to wait till April 21st to watch the next, at that time it was excruciating but finally it came! Here’s just a short recap and some pictures. {all pictures and gif are taken from external sources, mostly tumblr, i do not own these!}

The episode begins with Korra complaining to Mako and Bolin about training so early in the morning. They’re rookies so they get the worst time slot. Mako tells her to “deal with it”, but she retorts and hits him off his feet with the ball. Nice one gurl. In comes Utaka who owns the pro-bending arena and runs the whole thing. He gives Mako their winnings, but after ‘deducting’ some fees they end up with nothing. He also leaves them with a ‘cheery’ note, they have to come up with 30000 yuans (did i spell it correctly?) for the championship pot, or else they’ll be out of the tournament.

Bolin candidly asks korra if she has some avatar bank account overflowing with money but sadly she doesn’t. She proudly declares that she always had people taking care of her and didn’t really need anything. Mako comments on it and Bolin tells her about them loosing their parents. They try to brainstorm for ideas and Bolin suggests that he’ll do a circus show with Pabu, his fire ferret, but Mako shuts it down. In the end, Mako walks off in his “Oh i always have to be the one to solve all the worlds problem” way.

Bolin doesn’t take no for an answer and does the show anyway, with little luck. This scene, he really reminds me of Sokka, the actions, the speech and mannerisms are so alike. Suddenly a car stops in front of him and ‘Shady Shin’ comes out of it. Seriously what’s up with his names and many of the other names mentioned later in this episode, they either rhyme in some funny way or just scream bad company. Anyway, Shin offers Bolin a lot of money to do some ‘bodyguard’ work and Bolin happily takes the offer.

In the next scene we see some factory workers lightning bend. Seriously? in the last series only Azula could do it, has the avatar world changed so much that every other fire bender can lightning bend too? One of the workers is….surprise, surprise Mako.

Totally sexy wiping off his sweat

He goes back to the attic after work and when he couldn’t find Bolin, he looks over at aribender island and thinks that Bolin might be making a ‘love call’ to someone. Honestly, my reaction to this was, “You are the one who should be doing that!”

The next scene is the short clip that was released weeks ago, Korra is training and tenzin’s kids go all fangirl when Mako arrives.

“ooo he’s cute” (i totally agree with you!)

” Korra, is that the handsome firebender guy that drives you crazy?” (Korra face blushes and she panics)

“Does he make you drive you crazy in a bad way or does he drive you crazy like you like him” (and the both of them get earthbended away)

Mako asks korra is she’s seen Bolin but she says she hasn’t, he goes off to try to find him and she insists on helping him.

Look at Korra pulling Mako’s sleve!

They ride on naga and there’s another Makorra moment! This episode practically screams MAKKORA. She calls him ‘city boy’ and he gives a smirk to that, in a pleasant way, okok back to the story. They go to the place where Bolin was earlier and after getting some info from a oliver twist kinda kid called scoochy (see, the weird names again).

This is the Zuko statue in the area where Bolin was.

They hear about a turf war between The triple threats, the red monsoons, the agni khi (all names that were mentioned). Making their way towards the HQ, they encounter Pabu but no Bolin. Reaching the HQ, the place seems deserted and suspicious as there are usually thugs guarding the area. Korra, being her korra self, instead of being cautious just bursts down the door. They see a truck making its way out and inside they see Bolin!

We get a chase scene here with some nice firebending action by Mako and earthbending by Korra. Getting into the fight with the mysterious masked people, they discover that these men are chi blockers and nearly see their end, but at the last second Naga comes to the rescue and saves them. This is where Korra discovers the chi blockers. Another reference to the last series, remember tai lee? yeah, guess the skill got passed down.

The two of them search the whole nigh but with no hope. Korra gets an idea and goes to the park, she hopes to find the equalist protester she ran into on her first day in republic city. With no other hope, they decide to wait for morning. Here we get some nice background revealing moments between korra and Mako, she finds out that they used to do some work for the triad (the three thug groups) because they had to do anything to survive. She asks a very personal question, how did they become orphans. Mako hesitantly replies that a firebender killer his parents. Here we see the soft side to this proud boy, being orphaned at 8 he had to do everything to protect the only family member he had left.

On to the next morning, we have a nice scene where they end up nodding off on each other and the awkwardness of realising it when they wake up followed by scrambling away. Aww such a nice scene between the two. Yes, the equalist protester was there and after some persuading, no it was really just threatening on korra’s part, he leaves them with no clue but of a revelation. They pick up a poster and later figure out the meeting place.

Dressed up in ‘disguises’ they makes their way to the venue (Notice that korra is wearing Mako’s scarf, and the scene where she goes up to cling on to Mako’s hand was a “nice move korra” moment). 

Ammon finally appears and he gives a speech about why he is an equalist. He tells the crowd that he has been chosen, and he has a gift to take a benders power, permanently. (Hey, wasn’t aang the only one who could do that?) I am very curious as to how he got this power, but that’s for another time. Four men appear on the stage and one of them is Bolin. The other three are the leaders of the gangs and one by one ammon demonstrates this ‘power’ of his. Korra and Mako come up with a plan to save Bolin and in the end they save him in the nick of time. But as they escape, they encounter another masked fighter, this time, the dude has electric rods and uses it to electrocute Mako and Bolin. (personal comment: why doesn’t Mako just use his firebending to control the electricity like uncle iroh, unless of course that only applies to lightning, then nvm) They go down, but Korra comes in and just earthbends the guy out of the picture. Again, go gurl!

They makes their escape and Ammon lets them go, only so that Korra can tell everyone else about how powerful they are. Tenzin is worried when korra returns and finds out about the ralley, ammon and his power. We end with tenzins words, “This means that the revolution is more dangerous than ever, no bender is safe”. Woahhhhh, loads of questions to be answered here.

Personal comments: This was a very good episode for me, firstly because it had so many Makorra scenes, so much chemistry between the two and i’m glad that korra isn’t the kind that totally ignores her feeling and ignores him. Mako on the other hand is blurr and doesn’t see what his actions are revealing. As for the story, it’s a very good expository to what the revolution is, something we’ve just heard about in the first two episodes. It’s a perfect cliffhanger, giving enough information about how powerful an enemy they are but withholding all important clues. We see that not only because Ammon can take the benders power away but also through his ‘people’, they can block chi and electrocute people, everything aimed to take away a benders ultimate weapon. As said before, many references to the first series, Bolin as a mirror of sokka, azula’s lightning bending, tai lee’s chi blocking abilities, all these are legacies passed down from the characters of the first season. I like how they tie it together, but to think that all these skills, which were ‘formidable’ in the first series are just normal stuff people do in the future. So i’m thinking the creators gotta think really hard to come up with new cool stuff. I also watched the preview for the next episode (below) and again, i can’t wait!