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The title is from a song in Bu Bu Jing Xin, and no this post does not really have much to do with the show. So i think it was friday? i can’t remember, but i was just surfing the net, then i felt like listening to the song. And suddenly when i looked at the title i felt a voice telling me that now is my season of waiting, and that i must be patient and that love will come, in its own time. Yeah, i’ve been seeing love all around, people getting together, people getting married, love is in the air. And i feel pretty much outside of that bubble. Firstly because well there isn’t anyone around that i would actually consider and it has been some time. And i’m ok with that because i’m not just going to have feelings for any human that is classified as a guy just because i have to. Secondly, most of the guys around me are younger and i’d prefer to be together with someone older, preferably, but it’s not a deal breaker.  So yeah, it was a good reminder in a unique way because i’ve been singing along to that song for quite some time and it just hit me then. It felt like God was telling me, “Be patient my child” and i felt like this season of waiting was really a time that i need to grow and be ready.

Well to reference it to the show, 4th prince and rouxi had to wait YEARS to be together and even after that it wasn’t all rosy for them, in fact it was worse and in the end, it was seperation that brought them together again. I personally find it amazing how they could wait 10 years, and in that time, hardly talk to each other after a period of giddy love scenes and still maintain strong feelings for each other in that waiting period.  My hats off to you two, Rouxi and 4th forever!!

Right, so i said that i was seeing love everywhere right? look at this example, even rapunzel is testing me.

Even the horse knows that that is the look, the one you get when you start to fall for someone (in movies).

On a side note, i have so many things i want to blog about, the titanic, more BBJX and movies i’m rewatching. NO TIME NEED TO STUDY FOR SAT.