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Actually, the more accurate term would be hydroplating, it occurs when the road is wet and uneven, your car tyres lose grip with the surface of the road due to the water and because there is no friction for grip you loose control of your car. I hope that explanation makes sense. It was raining heavily, but the funny thing was that is only rained in certain parts of the road, like there was a stretch where it was like a thunderstorm and then another where is was all bright and sunny. So i guess because of this my speed varied and when i came to the heavy rain area i wasn’t as cautious as i should have been. It was all very sudden, one minute i’m ok then suddenly i see my car heading towards the divider, in the heat of the moment and turned my steering wheel in the opposite direction, but then it shifted again and i had to quickly turn it to the other direction. In a second, i got into the other lane and my car tyres found their grip and the skidding stopped.Really it was so scary because you feel like you’re driving on ice. Literally not control and whatever you do you really can’t do much to stop the car. I remember in driving school the instructor was saying that in these situations one should not press on the brake. I forgot why but yeah. The whole time this was happening my foot was on the accelerator. Yeah you must be thinking “what is wrong with you?” but really, in that moment you don’t think you just do. So this is where i see God playing a huge role in. Of course in saving my life, that would be number one. Secondly, my feet were glued to the accelerator, after reading about hydroplating i see that pressing on the accelerator is NOT GOOD. But i think slamming the brakes would also have bad consequences, so my foot was, to clarify, lightly pressing on the accelerator. After reading the article telling me that pressing the accelerator is bad, i see how much more of a miracle this is because logically what i did would have cause me an accident, but here i am testifying the opposite. Lastly, i thank God there was no one else hurt because getting hurt myself is already bad, but getting others involved would be terrible. I thank God that the other cars were a good distance away and a collision due to hydroplating was avoided.

So you may call me a bad driver, i’ll accept that because if i’m a bad driver then my God is powerful and mighty enough to keep me safe despite my bad driving. Proof that he loves me and takes care His people. And yeah, i do pray for journey mercy every time i drive, even if i forget and remember halfway i would still ask for it. Just ask and believe, really. Of course drive safely and do your best to avoid bad situations. But like this, i would never have expected this to ever happen to me, but it did. I thank God i came out of it in one piece. And yes, i’ll drive ever more caefully in the future.