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Alright, i was attracted to this upcoming series because of its name. And really, who’s heard of china ever having a female prime minister? Well apparently there was one.Yeah, this is a new one for me too. Her name was Lu Lingxuan, who lived during the times of the Northern Qi dynasty. [Wait…what dynasty is that? Think mulan my friends, think mulan.] If you want to read up on her, go ahead and google her name. Her history is quite interesting, but well, this series is just loosely based on it. Yeah, you’re not going to get the real facts, maybe just some of the key happenings in her life and the characters name is in fact Lu Zhen. Actually think of it as a new character who had a life quite similar to the real heroine in history.

I’m not quite sure when the series will air, but i’ve read that it’ll be somewhere this coming summer on Hunan TV. Yay! looking at the pictures, they look fantastic, but then again, i was fooled by pictures before, they really know how to make it look so appealing. I was pulled in by a certain cast member by the name of Maggie Cheung. Not sure what role she’ll be playing in this drama albeit it looks like it not that big of a role so far. But i’ve been a fan since her time in the TVB drama’s. Especially loved her in ‘The king of yesterday and tomorrow’ and ‘ War and beauty’. Not much to say so far as i’m only relying on information from others. (the cons of not knowing chinese). This will also be a non Manchurian or non Qing dynasty drama for me in a very long time. I admit that i usually watch drama’s from that period but now i’m really interested in finding out more about what has happened in other dynasties too.

Anyway,this is what i’ve found so far.

Setting: Southern – Northern Dynasties

Plot information:
About Lu Daji 陆大姬 is the rare female prime minister of the Kingdom of Northern Qi (550 AD – 577 AD), and Gao Dan, one of the Emperors of the very crazy period in Chinese history. The art of pottery is also featured here.

Production: Yu Zheng Productions

Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 as 陆大姬 Lu Daji
Chen Xiao 陈晓 as 高湛 Gao Dan
Guigui 鬼鬼吴映洁
Kimi Qiao Renliang 乔任梁
Gao Yunxiang 高云翔
Qin Lan 秦岚
Jiang Hong 姜鸿
Medina 麦迪娜
Li Fei’er 李菲儿
Wang Lin 王琳
Pan Hong 潘虹
Liu Xuehua 刘雪华

Picture comments: Alright, the post is mostly filled with pictures, but that’s what we’ve got for now, and i’m loving them all. Like i mentioned before i’m used to seeing Qing style clothes/hair, so now looking at these hair do’s they’re actually very beautiful. They need not be big (like the Qing) or loaded with stuff (the late Tang dynasty) but it’s intricate enough to be eye-catching, for instance the way they put up the hair, complimented with the accessories which are unique but not too much to overdo it. hehe i also like that they have two sticks stuck to the sides of the hair and at the ends of the sticks you have this thin, long piece of material. The round hair pin that they have in groups of three kinda remind me of the korean hair fashion. And the curled up hair in the front as a fringe is pretty cute too. Take the picture below for reference of what i’ve been describing so far. But from some of the pictures you can see that if the lady wanted to do up her hair,she had access to really awesome hair accessories. This girl must be someone important to have access to this beautiful hair pieces. So i guess we should look out for her. The rest, like the maid have simple hairdo’s. But in today’s standards, it’s still making a huge effort on your hair.

The clothes are without doubt lovely too, The layers and the colours, i’ve always been a fan of dresses with long sleeves. There are also variations to the styles and ways of wearing the dresses so that’ll be fun to watch. One thing i like about period drama’s are the clothes, you get to see the details they put to the cloth or accessories and the richness in variety and styles. And some of the colour combinations are so striking too! That’s how you make a statement in those days eh?

So that’s all i have for now. I love the pictures and hope that the series would be good too.