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It’s been a long time since i’ve done something that’s not related to TV and movies since that’s the only box i’ve been checking so far. I actually finished reading this book some time ago but never got to reviewing it. But i honestly think it’s worth reviewing and reading of course.

The story is about a couple who have been together since childhood. It’s a really sweet story where they meet when they’re kids, fall in love and get married. Unfortunately, on the brink of their 21st anniversary they decided to divorce. John and Abby have fallen out of love and Abby is now accusing John of cheating on her with another teacher in school. He strongly denies it and accuses her of having an affair with her editor. So when they decide to break the news to their children their daughter suddenly announces that she’s going to get married. They are shocked and decided to postpone the news 6 months later, after their daughters wedding to not kill the joy and allow their kids to enjoy the wedding without the news of the divorce.

This is a Christian novel and it is a known fact that God doesn’t approve of divorce. A recurring verse in this novel is “What God has put together let no one part” referring of course to two married persons. So since the whole issue here is about divorce and how it is against God’s law, it is kinda predictable what will happen in the end. Honestly i picked up this book because of the author, i am a fan of her redemption series which i’m trying to complete, so i thought i’ll try out new characters. Reading this book at the beginning was sorta painful as you see the characters just constantly fight, they do fight a lot and you as a reader and a third person just feel this need to shout at them and tell them “Shut up and listen to what the other wants to say, that’ll just solve your problem!” or “Come on, speak up already!” because there are many instances where if the one of them had really expressed their true feelings and the other actually listened then they would have revealed so much to the other and possibly solve the problem. But i guess that is just theory right, and in real life, lots of important things gets unsaid and hurtful things fly out of our mouth instantly.

The novel is about 300+ pages thick and let’s just say that they spend a whole lot of a good time on those pages fighting. At one point i really got sick of it and it really took a long time to finish this novel. Now i’m not trying to discourage you, but really, maybe it really does depict real life where couples who fight all of the time make themselves and the people around them tired and find it hard to move on. Don’t worry though, there is a love story inside there somewhere. They have flashbacks of the time they were together and that’s really sweet. You really do get to see them in a phase where they were a team, a happily married couple and it does again pain you to see the state in which they have degenerated. So yeah, it just took me a lot of motivation to read through all those fights they had.

The good thing is, and i guess this is a spoiler, but a predictable one, the happy ending in the end, it was touching and really beautiful. It made me cry for goodness sake! All the pent up anger and pain from the entire book gets released and washed away in the end and you feel that too, not just the characters. What really struck me was how it was done or written, and how it reflects how awesome God can be. You have so many pages ful of fighting, full of an existence without God and then, with the little that you offer to Him, a.k.a the very few pages, He can use that and transform your life. I’m not sure if the author meant for it but that really did strike me and it just showed what and Awesome God i serve. How he works miracles through the smallest of things. Sorry, i really am trying to write this without spoiling anything.

Another thing that i loved in this book was the thing about the eagle. It was used as a tool of reminding John about God but wow, i learnt so much! I never knew that if an eagle gets poisoned it would go to a very high point to get nearer to the sun and let the sun suck out the poison. Great symbolism right? How when our lives is filled with poison, we need to go to God to get it all out. Another thing was the mating, where the female eagle will just free fall and let the male catch her and pull her up to prove that he is worthy. This is more for marriage but isn’t it wonderful how these symbolism in nature can only relate to us because God intended it to. I mean, He created all these things just to remind us of Him, and it’s not just in eagles, you see symbolism that relates to God everywhere in nature.

So all in all i’ll give this book a 8/10. Really worth to read and i found out there is another book after it called a time to embrace. So i think from the title we can hope for good times for this couple.