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I have been thinking about bu bu jing xin these three weeks after finishing the last episode. I thought that by now I should have gotten over it but no, it’s just that good.

So while I was thinking about random things related to the series and the stuff I read online, the thought of the age gap sort of stuck to me. In the novel the characters start out at this age. (I got it from this forum http://www.spcnet.tv/forums/showthread.php?29858-Bu-Bu-Jing-Xin-%E3%80%8A%E6%AD%A5%E6%AD%A5%E6%83%8A%E5%BF%83%E3%80%8B/page21)

4th Prince – 26
8th Prince – 23
13th Prince – 17
14th Prince – 15
Ruoxi – 13

But in the series they added three years to everyone’s age. But regardless of that I’m just going to refer to the age they are in the novel. Now, it has constantly been mentioned in the promos or summary for the series that rouxi is a 25 year old woman from the modern age. When she time travels, she is stuck in the body of a 13 year old, but her mind is one of a 25 year old.

If you watched the series, you would have noticed that rouxi is more playful and a little childish at the beginning of the series. I understand that most series start of like this, happy and joyful in the beginning and emotional and sad at the ending. And there is no doubt BBJX followed this pattern too, I mean, the ending of the series was literally so emotionally painful for me.

Nevertheless, what I was trying to say is, I can make out this connection with the time travelling thing. My theory is that she acts that way, childish and playful at first even though she is 25 because she still trying to get used to her new surroundings, curious of everything (sneaking out to explore Beijing and commenting that the buildings have been well preserved). She is also from the modern world, so the things she does will seem very odd to the characters in this era, but because of her physical age, they may have written it off as childish behaviour. As the series progresses, she not only grows up physically but she has to change her mentality too. Getting stuck in the past and finding no way to get out, she must have resigned herself to this fate and chosen to get used to it. When she enters the palace, this forces her become more matured (as seen by the other characters) but I also think that it’s because she knows that her modern thinking will get her in big trouble, especially in a palace where traditions rule over the residents. At the end, rouxi has blended in with the times so naturally it seems she belong there. But I think she still has that modern girl in her, like ignoring the kings orders and wearing a red veil (though, maybe it’s just her being rouxi and purposely defying fourth prince) and also not respecting 14th prince’s other wives.

I really can’t believe that the series spans over 20 years, one thing, the characters don’t seem to age, except for 4th getting a moustache, the rest just look the same. Alright, I understand it may be a little hard to do that but still…..Also, the way the seasons seem to change so quickly in the series also makes things hard to gage. Sometimes its winter, then in the next scene, they’re in their spring clothes and then suddenly winter again. So confusing, oh yeah and in a span of 4-5 episodes, we have covered 10 years, because in episode 20 if I’m not mistaken, 10th prince is locked up then in episode 25 kangxi dies and 4th takes over. Whoa….and rouxi working in the laundry department, 2 years, done in 1 episode. To understand the time and years that have gone by, you need to listen to their conversation properly, usually after the time period has passed and read up too.

Another thing about the age difference is when you think about the romance between the characters. There is a 10 year age gap between rouxi and 8th and a 13 year age gap between rouxi and 4th. But, if you take into account that rouxi is actually mentally 25 years old then the age gap isn’t that bad. So technically rouxi is just 1 year younger than 4th in beginning and 2 years older than 8th prince! I and a huge 4th and rouxi supporter and thinking about the age thing makes you understand how rouxi can really understand 4th, because they’re about the same age and it’s easier to connect with someone when you have the same wavelength. Of course she knows history and shows preference to 4th (as mentioned by13th and 14th prince), but there’s more than that, in the end, they both loved each other to death. I’m not saying that you can’t love someone who has a big age gap with you but I’m saying it makes it easier when you stand on the same ground. Plus, if you see it from 4th prince’s view, here is this girl who really understands you deep down, something that he values as his own mother can’t even understand him and she’s so young but matured. The word ‘Interesting’ just flashes above her head right? He is also the kind of man who is very cautious, so at one hand he wants to keep her close to guard her actions but at the same time this closeness becomes fondness and he starts to have feelings for her. As for rouxi, I think she never really considered the age gap thing; it doesn’t matter to her because at the top of her priority list is to not get into an arranged marriage. As to why she fell in love with 4th, it was mentioned in her final letter, three events that sealed her love for I’m, first when he revealed to her that he wanted the throne, two, when he braved the rain with her and lastly when he saved her from that arrow. So in conclusion, my opinion is that the maturity that comes with age contributed to this relationship. The actual age thing wasn’t much of a matter. Note that there are many reasons why rouxi fell in love with 4th but that’s for another discussion, here we just focus on the time/age thing.

As for rouxi and 8th, it just didn’t sit with me. Firstly, he’s married to her sister. I don’t know, but it gave me this feeling that he thought that he was thinking, “Hey roulan doesn’t love me, but suddenly her sister shows interest, hmmm maybe being with her is sort of also like being with roulan.” Plus, I think when their romance started rouxi would have been 17 or 18. So it’s like this teenage romance for the both of them, all on the feelings, and not really very solid. Darn, it feels so much like a teenage romance, although 8th should be around 27 years old, but for him, it’s the first time a girl has reciprocated his love, yeah, roulan comes into the picture again. His first wife loves him, but he doesn’t appreciate her at all (till the end). So he was ecstatic (totally smiling widely when he saves her on the horse) when she admitted that she loved him.  I think that they developed the relationship because of proximity and also rouxi had some pity for him for how roulan treated him. She was curious as to why 8th was so nice to roulan but roulan acted all “I’m not going to even give you a chance”.  As to real feelings, when it came to the ultimatum 8th just wanted both the throne and rouxi. Sorry 8th and rouxi shippers, but I just like 4th too much. Alright, how does age come in this part? I think it’s due to timing, so it makes it look like your first teenage romance between the two.

Wow that was a pretty long post, there’s honestly lots to talk about in this series, but I just wanted to write on certain areas that have been clouding my mind for some time.