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Nickelodeon has officially announced that the new ‘mini series’ (12 episodes) The legend of Korra will be released on the 14th of April. When i heard this i was estatic! This is from a fan who, in 2010 heard about the news that this series would come out in 2012 and though….”Darn, that’s 2 years!” and here it is now! The date is nearing! They have also started the website : www.korranation.com  

and the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/legendofkorra

If you’re in the US, you can participate in the game, where if they get 100,000 likes they will bring foward the release date of the first episode. Make note alright, US only, unless you use a tunnel, if you know how that is. I wasn’t aware of the fact that you had to be in the US to be able to play the game so i clicked the link on the facebook page a few times and got redirected back to square one. When you play the game, you can unlock previews every day. No worries if you’re unable to play the game and unlock these goodies, just go and google it and some kind soul would have uploaded it, sceenshots, video clips, whatever has been unlocked for the day. I suggest tumblr, just type in Korra in the search box and you’ll see loads of stuff.

This is a pic of the young korra. By the way the first 4 minutes of the first episode have been released and just watching it makes you want to watch more you know what i mean?Alright here are just a few gif made from the preview, they’re so awesome!

Comments on the gifs

1. Korra standing next to eh statue of Aang, well aang has passed away (duh) because the only way korra can be the avatar is if the last one has died.

2. She has already mastered firebending, which should have been hard for her because she’s from the water tribe and from what we know from the first series is that the avatar would have trouble mastering the opposing element of their origin. Like aang had trouble mastering earthbending because wind is the opposite of earth. So i’m thinking this korra must be good, because in the first 4 minutes that was shown, she was just a kid and she already got the hang of three elements.

3. Korra in her water tribe clothes which suits her better than the air tribe clothes as seen later.

4. shooting fire up towards something, we’ll find out later who/what it is.

5. Korra just flamed up a 2000 year old treasure while learning aribending. How did i know that? Watch the previews!

6. Korra giving a piece of her mind with ikki (on the left, tenzin’s son btw) and tenzin on the right. If you don’t already know. Tenzin is the son of aang and katara. Yeah….i’m a zutara shipper, so that was sad to know that zutara didn’t happen.

The opening sequence of each episode. They changed it all to the previous avatars. Yay you can see aang there!

So from all the previews and reading up on stuff people posted of the series, there’s actually lots of information about the characters on the net.

This is Ikki, tenzin’s daughter and aang and katara’s grandchild. Yea it’s still mindboggling to know that the characters of the first series are old now.

Amon, his looks just scream “BAD GUY” to you doesn’t it?

There’s of course tenzin, who you saw earlier and katara is still alive. Rumoured to have taught korra waterbending. And the two other guys, bolin and can’t remember his name.

Ok, i better stop here because i’m losing the focus of this post, haha too much info to put into one post you know? How you enjoyed all this. And yes, there is the talk about the leaked episode going out on the internet. More about that later!