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A friend recently introduced me to running man and i’m hooked. Usually i stay far away from variety shows especially if they purposely do everything to make fun of people. However, i found the concept for this very different. Firstly,well, song joong ki. Need i say more? too bad he left the series after 41 episodes. Ok, but seriously, other than him, i liked that they choose to have the show in different landmarks around Korea, in a way it’s like a travel guide too isn’t it? The challenges they go through, especially the missions, honestly, i feel like the mission team is in the disadvantage, but just think about it, it’s a full scale hide and seek on tv! Which is both scary (when you want the mission team to win and sparta kook is like so near them) and funny too. But there were moments when i didn’t like the hide and seek game, like when haha chose to betray his team to help sparta kook, that was not cool.

Other than the missions, they also have mini games or challenges that somehow relate tot he landmark they are in. Like in episode 22 when they visited the toy store, they had to shop for toys and such. They also have fake missions, so far the only one i’ve seen is the one where they pretend to act, but their true mission is to change shirts without getting noticed.

I think what really makes this show work is the cast, how they’re so open to doing all the challenges. So far, it’s about 80 plus episodes, playing hide and seek for that many episodes may wear out the fun you know? They also have all these extra stuff added in to add to the humour like the monday couple. Sweet and funny at the same time. And song joong ki and his drawing, in episode 27, i was laughing my head off and my sides were aching just watching the drawing scene. He looked so innocent and confident, but the reality was, he just can’t draw. Sorry joong ki, so sorry. I’m hoping to do some short write ups on my favourite episodes, mostly the beginning ones as i’ve only just started.