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I think it’s been about a week since i first started watching Bu Bu Jing Xin and in that span of time, it has caused me to do several things i wouldn’t have thought i could do/would do.

1. Desperately want to learn mandarin. I’m a chinese who doesn’t know how to speak/read/write chinese and after a few attempts of trying throughout my childhood, i just gave up, but now, this fire in me just started and i want to be able to speak my mother tongue.

2. I saw this translation of a part of an interview with the cast and i found it so funny. Who knew that after that, just randomly going through BBJX interviews in chinese (no subtitles) that i saw the scene and somehow connected it to the translation i saw!(it’s amazing because i can’t understand a word of mandarin, what more a whole interview) It was so fun to actually know what they were talking about for once.

3. Go into chinese tea shops to look at chinese tea, and eat food that has been cooked in tea. Btw, i found info about 4th prince’s fave tea, Tai Ping Hou Kui, read about it here: http://www.sevencups.com/tea-culture/famous-chinese-tea/tai-ping-hou-kui-green-tea/

4. Talk to any friend who would listen about my obsession over this drama.

5. Hunt the net down for everything BBJX related. Reading all the comments of other fans. Reading all the character analysis and scene analysis made by others. Plus thinking about my own while i’m supposed to be studying for an exam.

6. Seriously considering getting a weibo account just to become wu qi long’s (4th prince) follower.

7. Google translate all the posts that i can see made by wu qi long.

8. Thinking about possibly minoring in east asian studies.

Honestly, point one is the most important one, the rest may just be normal stuff fans do. Hopefully i’ll finally be able to speak mandarin and not be a banana anymore.