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It’s back! after such a long break i finally get to watch Hart of Dixie again and this episode was a nice start to the series again. The trailer wasn’t really clear about what was happening so i was just waited to see what they were trying to show.

The episode starts with zoe spotting a mouse in her office, she tries to chase it away and in the process find a box that was left for her by her father. Inside she finds pictures of people she doesn’t recognise. She decides to ask Brick who they are and he lectures her about finding her root/relatives.

George on the other hand is busy trying to stop his father from ruining the business in bluebell by getting the people to agree not to allow them to build a road to the supermarket. I find it very funny how enthusiastic he is and he gets dede enthusiastic too. Unfortunately he misses out a small little piece of land and dede goes on about blowing up the road, hahaha this was really funny. In the end George tells her that he is not going to blow up the road and sends her to find out who owns it. Dede goes to run the errand and bumps into Levon, the meeting is awkward and levon finds out why she was avoiding him. It was because of their first date together and how he sort of proposed to her.

Somewhere elsewhere, zoe meets her aunt and tries to find out about the family. In the end however, she finds out that the women in her family were all belle’s. the very group she hated from the beginning and the group in which lemon is the leader.

Now we go on to a scene for lemon. She has decided, after finding out that her mother has moved on, to sell all of her mother’s stuff. Zoe meets her at the church where she dumps all the stuff and tells her that she wants to be a blue belle.

Lemon is of course horrified and holds a meeting. The blue belle’s try to figure out how to stop zoe from joining them as she is a legacy. Lemon figures out a way to carry out some ‘ragging’ in hope of discouraging zoe from joining them. But when zoe arrives, she’s determined to do whatever it takes to join them.

The next scene we see crazy earl (wayde’s father) asking wayde for money, he gives him some and asks him to leave. It’s obvious that their relationship is really strained as his father keeps on asking him for money. Levon is there and he meets an old acquaintance, Gina. He asks her to go out for dinner but she declines. Levon asks her why and she tell him that she heard what dede said about him. That levon was crazy over dede and that was why her friends declined his invitations. Levon complains to wayde and at that moment zoe comes into the diner dressed in the blue belle dress. The fancy, lacy kind of dresses worn in the edwardian period. Her ragging has started, calls Hell’s week and she has to serve some of the girls ice tea’s. She orders it after wayde is done laughing at her. Apparently she has to be a servant and alsoshout the belle slogan when someone says the secret word to her. Levon asks her why she wants to be a belle and she explains that she wants to find her roots and try to feel connected to the community. I love this line, levon says “They have these things called genealogy websites….costs like 30 bucks”.

When wayde come back, he gives her the drinks and say that he might have sweetened it and put some ‘HONEY’ in it. Zoe rolls her eyes and get on the chair and sings

” I’m a belle, a southern belle, alabama belle, a dixie belle. I got secrets i don’t tell, ya’ll don’t like it go to hell soldier what’s your pleasure.”

George comes in as she goes out and asks her “really?”. He then walks over to wade and talks to him about the land. Apparently, he found out that the small piece of land actually belongs to wayde’s dad.  He tries to convince wayde to talk to his dad to not sell it. Wayde refuses to talk to his father about it and tells george that if his father knows there’s money involved, he would sell it immediately. The conversation ends without george getting what he wants.

Zoe finished annabeth’s shopping ( and she really has to wear that whole get up the whole time). She talks about the shopping and then later it leads to talk about annabeth having trouble having a baby. Zoe inquires and finds out the reason why she can’t get pregnant. Lemon has cursed the blue belle girls. She explains that one night, the girls went to the graveyard and over the gypsies grave they swore not to have babies till all of them got married. So they’ll all have babies at the same time. At that time it seemed alright, but then lemon delayed her wedding and it has already been 2 years since then.Zoe still insists though that there was a biological reason to it.They secretly go to the clinic and we see a different side to brick, he says the secret word and she has to sing the song.

Wayde goes to visit his dad and finds out that george has already beat him there, george had already sensed that wayde was lying to him. He actually wanted to tell his dad to sell the land for a lot of money so that he could finally support himself. In the clinic, zoe checks the records and finds out that there was nothing wrong. So the mystery is still there, is it really a curse?

The next scene we have zoe about to finish polishing the car, the rest of the blue belle’s come over and say that she did a good job. Thinking that that was it, she get really excited till lemon tells her that it was just annabeth’s turn, and the rest of them got to have a turn with her. This part is fun because we get to see all the things that they make zoe do. Wash soem clothes, peel loads of fruits and squeeze lemons and finally sing really loudly in the diner. After all her work is done, suddenly a member walks in and tells her to help her get pregnant too.

Zoe helps her to get ready for the pink tea. Which, is just basically tea time with everything in pink.They talk about the members trying to get pregnant since the pact. Zoe tries to find some things that the members have in common and all she got was “We all like pink! and God, we all like God.”

Lemon walks in at this moment and complains that the lemonade is red, which was preposterous as they would look like they were vampires sipping tea before going out for a hunt. She orders them to do it all again and make sure that it was pink. Zoe then notices that the lady was so scared that she was shaking.

On the other side of town, levon tries to show that he is dateable. He gets the two girls wayde told him about and shows dede that he has ‘moved on’. But dede misinterprets this and tell wayde to make levon get over her already.

Wayde’s dad goes to visit george and tell him that he was going to sell the land since wayde obviously didn’t want it. But George sees some hesitancy and figures out that there is more to what earl is saying. But he agrees to help earl sell the land anyway.

Zoe on the other hand tries to talk to lemon about the ‘pact’ that was made. She figured out that the reason the girls couldn’t get pregnant was because they were too afraid of what lemon would do to them and that fear was affecting their body. Lemon denies threatening her friends and gives zoe a heads up that it was her turn to have a go at her the next day. Lemon gives zoe such a fearsome look that zoe says that she just felt her eggs dry up.

This encounter made zoe so scared that she couldnt’ sleep the whole night. She even called levon to ask if there were any animals outside of her house. As she leaves the house, convinced that it was all just psychological fear, she see the blue belle girls with paintball guns, they fire at her and she runs away, the belle’s in hot pursuit.

George confronts wayde about his dad and tells him that his dad actually wants to be loved by him. He explains that the reason he only gets down the roof when wayde comes and the reason he wants to pass the land to his sons is because he wants to be remembered. Wayde ignores it and george just walks away frustrated. Zoe is in lemon’s house and is busy polishing the silver. As usual, lemon takes this opportunity to get back on zoe and try to get zoe to quit. Zoe tries to convice lemon to let it out on her, but let the other girls go easy, lemon dismisses it and tells her to milk the cow.

Wow so far we’ve had loads of confrontation. You kinda know that the episode is going to end at this point. Now it’s levon’s turn, he see’s dede and walks up to her table. He explains to her that he was not crazy over her and that the things he said was only because he was trying to get over someone else. So could she tell her other friends that he was available? At this point, dede understands and admits that if he’s not crazy then she would want to date him, not give him over to her friends.

Lemon finds her mom’s stuff in the cupboard and starts to take it all out. Her father asks her why she threw all her mother’s stuff out and she explains that her mother was never coming back so why should they keep all her stuff. She walks over to the living room and zoe comes in after doing all the chores. She asks if there was anything else lemon needed and she goes off tell zoe to find her missing earring in the rubbish. Zoe agrees but is immediately stopped, lemon is frustrated and asks her why she would put up with it. Zoe tells her that she just wants to find out about her roots. This leads to lemon getting angry, saying that she would never be like her mother, she would love her baby and never leave her baby like her mother did.

The next day, the girls decide that zoe is qualified to be a belle, but then zoe declines it because of what happened the last night, what lemon said. That it was not the people before you who defined you but the choices you made. Then we have wayde going to his dad and telling him not to sell the land or he would never talk with him again. Just his way of saying ‘I love dad’. The girls break the pact by the grave and we have zoe there slaving away. (weird, i thought she didn’t want to be a belle). We also see wayde’s father putting all the money wayde had given him, puting it into a jar and burying it. There were many so we know he has been doing this for some time. Levon finally goes on a date with dede again and in the clinic, brick decides to help zoe find out about her family after he saw what she went through to find out about them.

So that’s the end of the episode. Oh my gosh, writing this, i realize how bad my writing has become. After such a long time of not writing, my grammar/spelling has flown out of the door. But nevertheless, it’s a really long post. WOW.