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And we are now here, at the end of the year, a short summary of everything done would be nice. So here are the highlights, i went to Melaka and Penang/Taiping and had a Christmas eve party. Also, i was teaching this month too, although, way less than last month, thanks to my camp. Which was a good getaway from reality you know.

Melaka trip:

It was a kinda last minute thing to ask my friends to go with me. So i’m really glad that mei xian and marian could accompany me. I’m a little bored of Melaka to be honest, but when you go with friends you get new experiences and this was one of them. We walked all the way from Jonker street to the hotel, which i estimate would have been about 7 to 8 km at least. Thank God the weather was good, also another first for me because usually the sun is scorching hot but this time it was cloudy and even a little windy. Must be mei xian cause it’s her first time actually seeing all the sights, go girl! We took hr around to the usual stuff, jonker street, A famosa, christchurch, etc.  Fun fact: the three of us were also in the singapore trip this year and we’re missing two members, eng hoe and evelyn.

After the walk, we were tired but you still have to eat dinner right? So we went t Bei Zhan and who knew, it was full! we had to wait 15 minutes for a table. After dinner, the adults decided to go to the portogues settlement but since we were tired we headed back to the hotel. There we played  dice town, monopoly deal, pictionary, saboteur and cluedo. Basically an impromptu gaming night. It was fun and we played till about 3 in the morning. So much for being tired haha (to be specific, our legs were tired).

We all woke up late thanks to the game night and had to rush eating breakfast (chicken rice ball) and head to dataran pahlawan where we ate the famous mille crepe cake. We had two slices, the original and the banana and chocolate. I like this cake but after a few bites you get a little tired of it and it’s hard to finish it alone. It’s a good cake to share with others. And that concludes the trip basically.

Worldgame taiping:

Alright, i’ve always wanted to play this game ever since i heard about it. Btw, it’s a camp where you play a game, something very different from your typical camps. So i asked around and no one wanted to go with me or they had exams/stuff to do. I know i sound like such a sad case right, nah it’s ok i’ll tell you why later. To be honest, with no one going with me i was on the verge of just turning it down but then i felt bad for making the pastor go through so much work and all and i needed a break from KL life and i really really wanted to try the game out so i decided to go anyway. As my friend said, i’m the 1% and i’ll get 99% friends back .That’s the theory lah at least. It was probably 2 weeks before the camp when i signed up and aparently the due date was in november! talk about last minute. Then came the transportation, i had the choice to go straight to taiping by train or go to penang and follow the church group there. In google map, the thing looked ok, but then please, it’s google map, the map that gives you directions to swim across the atlantic ocean. The safer alternative would be to go up to penang and follow them. So i did and since it was so last minute all the logistics was haywire, but thank God, my uncle who lives in penang allowed me to stay at his place for a night and i could hitch a ride to penang with him too. So that was that done, the problem was coming back [ wah long story ah and i haven’t even talked about the actual camp] all the tickets were either booked or the timing wasn’t right, i was very afraid that i would be stuck in penang and can’t come home for christmas. But i guess i was desperate and decided to just book a flight back to KL. [i didn’t want to take a flight actually because of all the waiting, and it is more expensive]

Now you know the back story, which i think it’s cool because by the grace of God everything worked out and i got home. The actual camp now, i arrived at the church very scared/nervous because i didn’t know a soul, the only person i sort of talked to was the pastor and i didn’t even know how he looked like. I arrived there and there weren’t many people yet, i was really early for some reason, oh ya, i told my uncle to send me there at 11. I guess some of them realised that i looked new and said hi to me. They were nice and we exchanged some small talk. Then we got into the bus and headed for taiping. the hotel was ok i guess, i looked at the building and wonder, “How is everyone going to fit in there?” but by ho we could. Amazing right? i don’t have pictures but it looked small ok.

We had to leave our bags at the lobby and found out that the actual meeting place was further up and we had to walk there by ourselves for the rest of the camp. This time though, the bus took us there and we got into the hall which was quite big. the place wasn’t se up yet because the team wasn’t there. So we had some guy vs girls game session and broke up into our own rooms. The room was fine and we can even fit 3 people in it. My roommates were esther and sarah and i was really blessed to be put together with them, i mean they’re so nice and fun too.All the awkwardness of being the only one from another church to come wet out the window faster thanks to these two girls. Oh btw, i got lots of stares when i told people that 1. I am from Kl and 2. I found out about the camp through a website and decided to come alone because i wanted to play the game.

Hotel food was ok at first but got worse as the days went by and some even got food poisoning, i got stomach ache from it and the funny thing was that maggi mee and mcdonalds were actually the best food i ate in the entire camp. Finally at night, the hall was set with all the country maps and everyone was excited to find out which country they would get. I was hoping to get Italy, because it’s Italy, i fell in love with that country really. In the end i actually got…………North Korea {pause for effect}. Not the best prospect, and many of the team members were not happy. But i tried to tell them it’s not as bleak as it seems.

On to the next morning, this is when the real game begins, we actually got to govern the country and make all kinds of decisions and negotiations that would affect the country. It was hard, as we had no income and we still had to provide for our country people. Oh ya, we have very little money too. Loads of negotiations had to be done and it was hard to convince the richer country’s to buy from us at a good price. I can’t dive into much details because it’ll spoil the fun, but i can tell you what i learnt. I was at first a disappointed to get north korea but then i though, hey, the actual people who do live in north korea are having it much worse, this is after all just a game, but for them it’s their lives, so i should be happy and glad for what i have. Also, i saw how difficult it can be for the nations leaders to make decisions together because everyone has something at stake and it’s all about whether you care all about yourself or about others. Everyone at camp learnt different things too, it all depends on which side you were, i was on the super poor side, so i saw things from that point of view. Also, being this poor, i felt the pinch of how it felt to just survive, to just think about making ends meet for one more day. It’s tough and sometimes really frustrating. You’ve gotta beg just to survive and you do see the goodness in people who are willing to give without expecting anything in return.

Overall, i really enjoyed myself, it’s much more relaxing than Lifegame [another game they have] and i did make new friends too, of course not the whole 99%, because there were like 100 plus people and it’s 4 days only.

No pictures because i didn’t want to bring my video cam and that’s my source of pictures.


The turkey

When i came back from camp, it was 3 days before christmas eve, the date of the party, because i was very unreachable, i decided not to call or pick up calls from people when i was in the camp, i was very outdated. But i think that was the point. So i picked olivia up and she stayed over, i was still really tired because you just get tired when you’re in camp you know. Helped my mom out as much as i could and slept whenever i got an opportunity to. In the end i managed to help stuff and decorate 2 turkeys! i did more dcorating and cutting stuff up, that’s my usual job, the actual cooking goes down to my mom. The party was simple and we just wanted to hang out with family and friends. We sang carols and welcomed christmas together. One thing though, no opening of presents because we’re older now and my mom can’t exactly secretly uy something and get it right like last time. So no wrapped presents. no opening presents.

Leg of Lamb

Right, i think that pretty much sums up december. Just new years eve left.