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It’s been some time since my last post about Hart of Dixie, it’s all due to laziness, procrastination, the usual reasons. The song of this post is “Hey Ho” by the Lumineers. For your information it’s the song they used at the end of the episode. So if you’re interested here it is.

It’s the Christmas season in Bluebell and everyone is getting ready for it, Lemon is particularly engrossed in the cinnamon cider beauty pageant. Yeah i think it’s an odd name for it too but well, it grabs your attention. She wants her sister Magnolia to win and continue the family tradition. In this episode we get many flashbacks of Lemon’s past, so i think we can call this a Lemon centred episode? hahahaha ok, i crack myself up. On the other hand, rose (zoe’s friend) still has no luck with her crush Frederick dean, a.k.a Magnolia’s boyfriend. After getting some mean words from Lemon about her love life/life in general, zoe marches up to rose and tells her that she can win Frederick’s attention by winning the beauty pageant. Now we can see where this is going.

The part where they show rose’s talents is funny and surprising, i think the leg sock puppet thing was funny. In the end, it turns out that this little girl can sing! Now we forgot to take a look at what the guys are doing. Lavonhas the role of one of the judges in the competition and we get an interesting flashback on Lemon’s and Levons first meeting. This line was funny, “As if our Lord Jesus didn’t suffer enough already,” {referring to the eaten hand}. We get loads of flashbacks on how their relationship actually started and i think Levon was just downright sweet.

Wade and George are busy doing Lemon’s bidding by getting her the tree she wanted. Due to a mistake, the two of them have to go to one of wade’s ex’s fathers place to chop down a tree. This gets them a night in jail as wade had overexaggerated his relationship with his ex’s father.

Back to Zoe, determined to show Lemon she can accomplish something she trains Rose harshly and Lemon does the same to Magnolia. Zoe even tries to bribe a judge but that plan goes into pieces. In the end when Lemon and Zoe have a face to face word fight, the two girls [ Rose and Magnolia] figure out that the competition is mostly about these two old rivals. Zoe apologizes to Rose and tells her that she can wear and do whatever she likes. Lemon does the same too, and Magnolia reminds her that her mother has left them.

Later in the jail, Wade tries to apologise to George but George rants about how irresponsible Wade is. Since Wade was jealous of George he became defensive and asked George to stop leading Zoe on. George realises his mistake and they make up.

Lemon also tries to move on, she actually drives off to find her mother who has been living near by all this time and there is this sad scene of her seeing her mom. Won’t tell what happened but after this episode you may see Lemon as more human and understand a little why she acts the way she does. She goes off to Levon’s place for a shoulder to cry on, but Levon knows that he too needs to move on { hey i think we have a sub theme of the episode here!}, he closes the door on a desperate and crying Lemon. Ouch, but i think what he did was the right thing. He’s a nice guy and it’s not fair that Lemon is just toying with his feelings when she’s determined to marry George. For me, i think Levon is one of the characters i really like.

In the end, we see the girls competing in the competition and Rose wore a simple blouse and skirt, tied two pony tails and tapped her way the whole night. In the end guess who won? No it was not Magnolia, it’s just some random other girl from the town. Smart compromise there hey. Finally we have a zoe wade moment, we can tell that wade is very nervous as he asks to buy Zoe a drink, she declines but asks for a rain check. All these with the song Hey Ho in the background which went really well with the mood of the ending.

Personal thoughts: Like i’ve mentioned before the flashbacks were really good in revealing Lemon’s character and that it was nice to see Lemon’s and Levon’s love story. It’s the typical, girl being all fierce and demanding but then falls in love with the guy for just being plain sweet and nice despite all of it. Plus we got the whole mummy issue thing so it’s a logical thing.

I also feel that the writers are giving the audiences less zoe and wade action, its as if they’re trying to test the water in the beginning and now that they know it works, they want to drag it on for as long as they can to build the tension. And sad to say it’s working! Also, the next episode only airs on the 23rd of January 2012! i counted, it’s 8 weeks! this is what i don’t like about American series, the huge gap, it’s just so taxing and sometimes you do lose the mood.

And the George part, it’s good to see George admitting to doing something wrong for once, the george/wade combo is nice too, the bad boy and the good boy.

Ok, i need to find a way to survive 8 weeks, gah!