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Last friday i felt random so i decided to go for the settlers of catan qualifier in boardgamecafe.net in cheras. You need to win in any qualifier (2 winners per location) to enter the finals in the first ever MAGACON [ Malaysian gamers convention]. Needless to say, the journey there was long and being stuck in a mindless jam was not good. It’s just this KL thing, everyone just needs to go out on friday.

When i reached the place, there was a group already starting a game, getting some warm up practice. Honestly, i only went there to watch the competition because the first time i played catan, i played it wrongly and the rules were all fuzzy to me. So, in the end seeing that there were just two tables, i decided “Ah might as well lah”, and i joined the competition. The best part was i got to play on the first edition settlers of catan board!In the ame room was also the 3rd and 4th edition and the 15th anniversary edition (which is the grand prize). It’s made out of wood and i had a good look at it, it is beautiful, the details for the panels and the finishing touches, ah just manifique .

As for the competition itself, as i said before, i wasn’t actually planning in competing, so i played mostly just for fun. Most of the time i was blur and i wasn’t exactly sure of all the rules. This is a disadvantage especially when you’re playing against two people who know it well. For me, i just concentrated on building a super long road. At the beginning i was totally dazed as to where to put my little houses, obviously you have to look for the most strategic one and the one that would most probably be rolled. I didn’t have enough time to analyze and process anything so i just it anywhere that felt ok. If you’re a die-hard catan fan and you’re reading this i apologise for my blurrness that may or may not offend you. I think you’ve probably guessed but i lost, but it was a good game, got to meet ian and steve. I also learnt how to play the game properly and i think with a little more practice i may get the hang of it.