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With the series over weeks ago, a fan like me is just barely surviving, i mean it was ok when series 1 ended because i only found out about it when series 2 already started airing but now….. there is not cure, and it only starts next year september!! My only confort are the pictures and gifs on tumblr. Yeah thank God for those, some are so funny!

But anyway, BBC why do you do this to me? first with sherlock being reschedulesd to next year and now you make me wait a year for downton! Well at least i should be happy that downton has at least 7-9 episodes, whereas sherlock only has 3, 3 my good man! how is that ever enough? and we give you so much time to make them. Obviously with the free use of exclamation marks in this post you can see that i am clearly aggrevated. Honestly, i think i’m feeling this way because there’s nothing good to watch, big bang theory is taking a 2 week break and i’ve finished watching to the current episode of 2 broke girls. Maybe it’s a sign for me to start studying, oh please no.

Light at the end of the tunnel: Downton abbey christmas special!

Matthew and Mary please get together, it’s been 7 years already.

cousin violet! you make the best jokes in the series, hahahaha