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I was full of nostalgia as i read the epilogue of the final book in the series, James Adam, Cherub had been part of my teenage years and being born the same year as this character makes you feel even more attached. So as i closed the book, i felt sad to say goodbye to this character. So this must be how the harry potter fans felt when they read the final book in the series, the ending was done quite nicely, tying up all loose knots (something i like) and making sure it went with the entire series. however as i read the story, i didn’t quite feel like it was an actual mission, because technically, James did pull out of it. Or maybe it was just me in denial that this is the last book. Gah! for me, compared to the rest of the books, the action part in this book was mild and i think the story focused more on wrapping up the story for James so all we got was the normal spy stuff.

But hey, i was happy to see that Malaysia is in it, fun fact! Malaysia was where James did his final training for the Cherub 100 day training course. So i think there is some kind of “coming full circle” thing going on here. Although i have to admit that the name of the character Tan Abdullah doesn’t really make sense to me because, uh…..it’s like a mix of chinese and malay. His kids names are very british and the way they speak is very british too. I guess being an actual malaysian you pick up these things. And there were a few more things, but in defense of the author, no race was specifically mentioned so it’s left in the open.

Yeah i’ll really miss the books centering around James, sure he’s not the most morally upright character in the world, but i think that’s what makes him real. I also enjoyed reading the page turning action sequences in the missions, wondering how on earth the character is going to make it out of a sticky situation. It’s kinda like watching action movies, but way better because you imagine it based on what is written, heh and i think reading about james preparing for college and his future kinda gave me a kick to focus on mine too? I’ve already decided not to read the second series because of reasons like loyalty and i just can’t go through the whole process of waiting for the books to come out year after year again. I’ll just re-read the entire series again if i get nostalgic, haha.

Well a good job to the author for introducing the world of CHERUB to us readers, we love it and i kinda wish i was a secret agent too, just saying. And to james adams i shall miss you!