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Alright, many people call me weird, maybe that’s why i picked up this book. No i’m just joking, actually after browsing through a few pages of this book i was immediately hooked.The catch phrase on the cover is “because normal isn’t working,” and after reading this book, i agree with the author. Note, this is a christian book and it talks about the areas life from time to money, relationships, sex and values. So, it’s mainly targeted at christians but i think non christians can benefit from it too, especially if you’re feeling that the life you’re living now is just so so. Or you’re having loads of questions about life and other people, yeah try out this book.

The style of writing is really simple and first person based, so you get loads of personal experiences shared in the book. It also feels like he’s having a conversation with you and some parts you go all “Yeah, i totally agree with you,”. I agree this part where it talks about the family dinners these days, the whole family were bowing their heads, the author thought they were praying, but on closer inspection, each of them were focusing on their electronic gadgets! It’s sadly becoming the norm these days and interaction, live, physical ones are deteriorating. Interesting how with the advancement of social networking sites these days, the ability for humans to communicate naturally is dwindling. well let’s not start a whole debate about the pro’s and con’s on facebook ok.

Other than that, while reading the book you can see so many things that seem normal actually shouldn’t be labelled as normal! Example, pre marital sex, divorce and so on. I mean, christian principles wise, it’s obviously wrong as God meant sex to be something special shared between a married couple, but as the years go by, values change and suddenly pre-marital sex is normal, affairs are normal, staying married to the same person for the rest of your life and not having an affair is weird. So you get the gist of the book now? Other things that may seem weird is love your enemies, that’s what God tells us in the bible, but it’s weird/hard right? why should i? the world says it’s ok. This book is not trying to say that being a christian is weird but it’s more about, the things christian people do are considered weird in the world because it’s just so different!

As i was reading the book, i took some time after reading certain parts to just reflect on what was said and how it applied to my life and a few things in my life were highlighted. Some of it were painful but through it all i just prayed that God would help me through it. I also corrected some of my thoughts, yeah it’s really easy to get tricked into thinking that something wrong is right. Especially how the right words used can make it sound good. I highly recommend that you pick up this book and find out what it’s all about yourself, and maybe you too wouldn’t want to just live a normal life anymore.

Title: Weird

Author: Craig Groeschel

price: USD $14.99