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Today i learnt the hard way, well the scarring way honestly the meaning of one of the sentences we say when we start of a prayer, “Thank you Lord for bringing us here today safely,” yeah because i almost didn’t get to church in one piece today. the story goes like this, i woke up all ready to go to church, kinda just woke up, but that’s kinda normal for me. So i was driving and noticed that my are was having a marathon, as i was looking at the cars parked by the road and the tired runners walking back to their cars i was not looking at where i was going while my feet was steadily planted on the gas pedal, the minute i turned to look ahead i saw cars parked in the middle of the road right in front of me! The instinct kicked in and i quickly turned to move my car to the right, the swerve was so fast that the car went a little out of control, when i managed to steady the car again, it was in shock. I fact, right now, just typing it all out again, i’m still shocked, making all the errors i could possibly make in this post. Yeah, i’m that rocked. honestly, when i think about what could have happened if i had a head on collision with those cars, i shudder and get all scared, possibly death or loss of my legs. Oh gosh. Yes i thank the Lord with all my heart that i am still alive and well, walking and being able to live life as i always have been, really, it makes you think how you can lose everything in just a second. it’s that scary. Really, my parents can ground me or ban me from driving, i would be grateful honestly.So really, treasure life, it’s the fact that it’s so easy to lose that we should treasure it even more. And drive safely, if you are, be careful of other drivers on the road, they may not be as careful as you are.