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Just finished reading the book and i love it! An absolutely good read, funny, entertaining and a real page turner. Everytime i reach the end i wish the next book would come out but alas, i have to wait for a year! again! and the ending, ohhh rick you love to do that to your fans don’t you?

So reading this book was a really good way of spending my sunday night. Right, on to the book then. When i read the first book, i was kind of sad to not hear about percy at all, so it was a joy to find out the this books would centralize around percy yet again. I’m not going to talk about the story since it’s much better to read it for yourself. I’m just going to talk about the characters and bits i liked.

The new characters, i do like them, i tried to visualize them without the aid of the official pictures drawn, but yet again i got them wrong, somehow i just can’t really visualize characters just based on the descriptions. I like Frank, a funny name for a chinese boy, but he’s really cool. I liked how he was all insecure but obviously all he had to do was believe in himself, i think rick has loads of cool scenes installed for this character based on what was said in the book. His family history is interesting too, how it’s tied to three kinds of civilizations. I liked the description of his mother, it reminded me of another character in a book actually.  As for Hazel, i think she’s a really caring and selfless character, her first sacrifice then the later ones. I mean just going in and battling a giant, telling your friends to handle the rest is real cool. Go girl! I also like the reference to Amazon, that was funny, now when i go to the website i will be thinking about this book too. And of curse percy jackson, the way the book is written, taking turns from each of the three main characters viewpoints kinda makes percy take the back seat in certain parts of the story. Percy also did admit that frank was the leader and the part about gaia using percy as her pawn kinda makes you think that percy will not be the all hero this time. I don’t know, one part of me feel sad to think that he won’t be centre stage again, but then i do like frank and i think that guy is a big, sweet sorta teddy bear in the authoritative way. A papa bear? roman style of course.

Side characters that i liked would be Reyna, that girl is the boss, praetor and all. She has a connection to percy in a not so pleasant way, but i think for her to put the past aside and look out for the good of the camp makes her one awesome character. A true leader one would say, i think her two dogs are a nice addition to the picture of her character. It does suit a praetor character in my opinion. The other character i liked too was Ella, the harpie, i think it’s cute how she just blurts out random stuff. I also find myself trying to figure out which book she’s quoting. She did quote one line that i recognised but can’t remember which book it is from. Honestly, i would kill to have her memory, would make my life and exams a lot more easier. Well from what been said in the book, i’m sure this character will appear in the other books as well! yay! So far i’ve just been talking about the girl side characters, but really it’s hard to find guy side characters that are likeable. Hmm, maybe terminus? he’s funny being OCD and all. I liked how he asked percy “Anything to declare” and percy replied, “Yeah i declare this as insane!” (something along those lines) seriously, good one percy! should we try that at the airport? haha just kidding, i think one would get in serious trouble for it.And finally fleecy, the way she changed the words, that was hillarious!(just read and find out yourself ok?)

Alright, overall, plot wise, it’s simple to follow and i still find it amazing how the writer can think of all these different myths and tie it all down, i mean you’re even bringing in the chinese! The good thing about this book compared to the first, other than the return of Percy of course it that percy has better memory than Jason did. In Jason’s case you hardly got anything, but here, you don’t need to pull your hair for the characters sake. Also it was good that some of the events, ex. reyna and heylla were brought back in, i did forget the exact details, unfortunately, but rick did a good job giving a quick refresher for those like me, of those who didn’t read the percy jackson series. Honestly, i was like percy, just blank when reyna mentioned that event. And apparently, percy destroyed her home, making you even more agitated to remember what happened! There was also the tension in the beginning, you know the part where in the last book they said that the roman camp wasn’t as welcoming as the greek camp? yeah i was kinda worried for percy, hoping they wouldn’t find out. But good thing everything was all well. Alright, really, seriously can’t wait for the next book, WHY WHY WHY!! ok, need to calm my nerves down now. GO read the book btw.