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This game reminds me of the TV series survivor and the movie jaws. Seriously, you and your opponents are stranded on this island that consists of sand, greens and Rocky Mountains.  The aim is to get off the island and get to land because unfortunately, the island you’re on is sinking (tough luck). So you can either use the boat or swim. Obviously you know that the ocean you have to cross is filled with many dangerous creatures. In the version I played, we only had the whale, shark and sea serpent, in the expansion you have dolphins and squids. Each little human member of yours has a number under them, giving you different points so obviously you’d like to save the ones with the higher point’s right? Well that is, if you can remember where you put them.

Right let me start to explain how to start. Players take turns to place their people on the island, one after the other till the last person has been placed. Each player has 2 boats each and places the boats where they want to. Each player is given three moves, so you can choose to move your people around the island or into boats or if you choose to swim, then that’s fine by me, but if you choose to swim, you can only swim one tile per round, really, taking the boat is safer. More than one player may share a boat, the person with the majority (there’s only three seats, so 2/3) gets to control the boat, meaning the direction, where you go and so on. After you’re done with you three moves you roll the dice and see what you get, you either get a sea serpent, shark or whale, whichever you get is the one you can control. So this is you moment to sabotage the other players or move the creature as far away as possible from you.  Now I’ve been talking a lot about the creatures but didn’t explain much right? Here’s the 411, the whale gets to crush your boat and leave you stranded in the ocean but it can’t eat you, the shark can eat you but can’t crush your boat, the sea serpent can crush you boat and eat you, horrible, and it starts out near the land btw. Lastly you have to sink a tile of the island. You start with the sand, after all of that is sunk then the greens and finally the rocks. The tiles that you choose to sink will have directions under them, some is to place sharks or whales, some is to save you from them, some give you the help of dolphins which help you swim 3 tiles instead of just 1, some give you a new boat.That’s basically the gist of the game, you’d think, “hah, so easy ah, just use the boat all the way lah,” but you’ll be surprised at what the other players will do to stop you from getting to land. The game ends when the volcano tile is flipped, which is one of the rocky tiles.

See this very sad situation where the people are surounded by all three creatures and so near land? yeah, it kinda seems to happen a lot actually.Purple is the sea serpent, black is the shark, and blue is the whale.

The yellow people are on the island, the blue ones on the boat are kind of dead meat cause the dice rolled sea serpent and it’s right in front of them!

My personal experience playing this game, I was thinking, hey, pretty simple, should try to get as many as possible to land. But the reality is, only 4 out of the many people we had stranded there only made it. Many of my people died in the whirlpool, yeah it’s one of the tiles too, or eaten by sharks manipulated by other players or the sea serpent. It’s pretty tough, the boat numbers just dwindle. But it’s a really simple game to pick up and teach/learn. Good game to play with kids, yeah we’ve got some strategy involved too, a little talking and negotiating, for me, it was mostly sweet talking the other player into not killing me. And for me, a lot of luck, the others kept getting good cards that shielded them from the evil shark but no, all I got was boats to help other people. In the end I won though, woohoo!

2-4 players, 8 years old and above, about 45 minutes playing time.