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The episode starts with zoe trying to shoo away flies and she discovers that her mosquito netting has a hole in it. Going into town, she tries to find someone who can help her fix it, but the whole place seems deserted. She hears some music and walks over to the church where everyone is getting ready to pray. Unfortunately for her (as usual) she finds herself in an awkward situation where she interrupts the ministers prayer and everyone looks over at her. embarrassed, she goes back home and complains to wade about it, which leads to her giving out some important news, Dr. Brick is not in and it’s her chance to prove herself to the town.

This episode introduces us to a few new characters, the minister and his wife (the mayfairs) and crazy earl. All three are her patients and well, if you watched the trailer you would know that the minister was diagnosed with syphilis. This incident obviously contributes to the title and we have zoe in the delicate situation of having to tell the couple and probably mess up the whole town’s view of the minister. In the end, after a re-test, the situation is confirmed and she breaks the news to the wife. Somehow, the whole town hears about it a few days later and there’s gossip all around. Zoe thinks its her fault and confesses to Lavon, although, she does try to convince Lavon that it is a very normal thing. Lavon tells her that she should stop being so cynical like a typical new york girl, that it was a bluebell thing to believe in the minister.

Meanwhile, we can’t have an episode without Lemon in it right? So this time, it’s her mission to get Lavon to allocate funds to restore a bridge that was destroyed by the hurricane. She goes to all the trouble, even making a model of it out of candy to find out that her beloved George has beaten her to it to get a road widened. Being her Lemon self, she gets angry at him because thanks to him, she was disgraced by a lady called Dilly Anne (not sure if that’s her name because i couldn’t really understand the accent).

Back to the minister situation, while zoe is in the local hairsaloon, a move that was suggested to her by the nurse to ‘bond’ with the townspeople, she overhears the shampoo girl confessing that she was the reason that the Mayfairs broke up. She goes back and discusses this with Lavon, trying to show him that she was right, but Lavon tells her that there is a 1% chance that it is not what she thinks, that she has to have faith in them. Being stubborn and choosing to believe in science, she brushes his comment off. she even says “Fine, have faith, i have science and i’m sure i am right.” This is what the writer is trying to show throughout the episode,and i’m just going to skip to the parts that i felt were key to this point. The part where wade sings for his father, who turns out to be crazy earl, shows that despite being the carefree boy he does have his problems, but he is the 1% out of the 99 that shows some true qualities where is counts. And finally at the end it is resolved that the syphilis was spread when the shampoo girl had an outbreak on her hand and did a belly piercing for the ministers wife. All proving that you just sometimes have to have a little faith in people, something that you easily lose when you see so much evidence of the worst.

To me this episode was a little mild, the whole “I need to do something to get accepted in this town” theme is getting a bit boring. And somehow, the trailer always seems to make the episode seem much more interesting than it really is. Honestly, i like this show, maybe i just think it needs more zoe/wade scenes, because personally, after every episode i just go back to the parts where it’s only the two of them. But i think they’re just making the viewers wait, so i shall be more patient i guess. I still find Lemon as annoying as she was in the first episode, i just wish there was something to like about her. I liked that they showed how much of a caring son wade is, the whole singing for his father thing was sweet and it does show a nice soft side to him. The theme for this episode was nicely put in, a little obvious but i’m ok with that. There’s one last thing i have to say though, can they make up their mind about who they want to put as the secretary/ nurse in the practice because it’s really getting confusing with all the new characters coming in, and it’s only been 5 episodes! Alright, can’t wait to watch the next one, hope it brings more memorable moments to the series.