Originally posted on 7/19/10

Note: This is the Series, not the movie which starred the late Heath Ledger and the talented Julia stiles.

Based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, this series is based on that play and also the movie in 1999. As usual, i love the character of Katherine, sarcastic, intelligent and strong. Here’s a qoute:

Kat: We’re the world’s last super power and we don’t have universal healthcare!
Father: Are you talking to me or the democrats in your head?

The best thing about this being turned into a series is that i get to watch more of it other than just being confined to 1 hour and 30 mins of movie time. Now i have 20 episodes to watch, woohoo! The sad thing was they added the irritating head cheerleader, which was not in the movie, or maybe she was just Bianca’s friend. But she definately was not in the play, she’s just there to play the typical head cheerleader character.

Starring: Lindsey shaw (Ned’s declassified series) and Meaghan Jette Martin (camp rock)

Don’t read below if you don’t like spoilers as i tend to give it away.

Episode 1:

It opens with Kat and Bianca talking to their father on the phone in the car and he as usual warns them about getting pregnant. They go to Padua High School (A reference to the play as it is set in Padua) and being new there Kat doesn’t know who the head cheerleader is and the hierarchy, nor does she care about it actually. She fights for a parking spot with the head cheerleader chasity and in the end Kat wins. Love the line “My Jurassic decided to park here!” (You need to watch to get the joke) Bianca is all set to impress chasity to become popular. And Kat get into the headmasters office for hitting chasity’s car bumper off.

Meanwhile we’re introduced to Cameron and his friend. Cameron spots Bianca and falls for her immediately; they spy on her and come up with a plan to throw a party to get Bianca to notice Cameron. They do a lame notice on the school TV channel and the plan is set. Bianca is busy flattering chasity, after lots of research she manages to win chasity’s attention, too bad she still has to go through tryouts to become a cheerleader or face social suicide. Kat on the other hand is in a staring competition with Patrick, the guy that almost hit her car door that morning. She also makes a friend with a vandaliser.

Unfortunately for Bianca, chasity finds out that Kat and Bianca are sisters after the cheerleading tryouts and this ruins Bianca’s chance. To try to recover, Bianca blackmails Kat into driving her to Cameron’s house party, funny part is Cameron didn’t know that the host was supposed to supply the alcohol. The party is the usual thing you see in movie, chasity’s boyfriend wants to be a model and Bianca is caught with him in the closet, oh oh. R.I.P Bianca. Kat had a confrontation with Patrick and he told her that he’s attracted to her, in that Patrick, mysterious way.

The next day, Kat has a talk with her father and is made to realise that she should treat her sister better. She does so by getting Bianca into the cheerleading squad by blackmailing chasity with ugly pictures in the future yearbook. Too bad the terms weren’t stated as Bianca became the mascot, a penguin! The episode ends with Patrick on his bike with a girl behind, getting Kat jealous? Kat hitting chasity’s bumper again and Kat and Bianca bickering as usual.