My playstation died years ago, it was the very first one, bulky and gray, but it provided me and my bro’s hours of entertainment and fights over who gets to play it. Anyway, recently i got the emulator and the first thing i played was Final Fantasy 9, my favourite final fantasy in the series. I think it’s the medieval days, knights, mages, princesses and bandits thing that appeals to me. Plus, they have all these modern sci- fi elements added to it. The story is wonderful, this is considered my third time playing the game and i’m can say that i am still not bored. Admittedly i have forgotten parts of the story, it’s really amazing how this game and the story goes on to 4 CD’s! To me, that’s just a whole lot of dedication and passion for something and it proved to bear good fruits right?

So right now i just escaped Alexandria castle for the second time, funny thing is, i feel that this time around i’m using much more potions than i used the second time i played. I think it’s because i’m not strategizing my moves properly. And Quina ran away, so there goes my ‘healing’. On the other hand, i seem to have a better sense of direction in the game and i don’t waste too much time getting lost. I can’t wait to play more of the game now!